Nicolette's home in Hrabrost

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Nicolette's home in Hrabrost

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:46 pm

Once arriving in this lonely town, Nicolette found herself wandering the roads. A small boy, whom she never seen before, approached her.

Are you lost, m'lady? I have never seen you around these parts before.

I have just arrived. I thought I might walk a bit to learn my way around.

You must need a place to live then.

The boy then grabbed her hand, pulling her to a tall building in the middle of the town. In here, you will find the Town Office. They will give you a place to stay. The boy then ran off, waving at her while he ran.

After talking to the secretary, Nicolette received a piece of paper with an address for a home, next to the Tavern. She walked to the other side of town until she came upon a building that said "Tavern", and next to it was a stone building that was too grand for a home.

This can't be right.

She looked at the piece of paper again, certain that she arrived to the wrong place. She took the key that the secretary gave her out of her pouch and tried the lock. When the door opened, Nic couldn't believe her eyes. It was better than she ever imagined. Closing the door behind her, she walked around the house, taking in every sight, sound and smell of it. Her eyes started to water. I am finally home, she thought.


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