Jubilee's Home Thread

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Jubilee's Home Thread

Post by Jubilee on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:47 am


"Heyho...who goes there" the Guard at the gate says as he peers out in the late hours of the day.
It's summer, and the wind is still hot as it rolls past him. The heavy humid air smells of mud and of the manure from the nearby ranches 

Her feet aching and with her hands hot and sweaty, A short petite woman nervously announces herself.  Afterall she has run away from home. Her name is Jubilee.

"Ah, a new traveler, not uncommon as our town is so perfectly located as we are to the iron mines and the sea." The Guard proudly  states.
"Welcome to Camaar"

With the help of a few kind Town council members at the tavern , and newly armed with a staff from a friendly Bandalf ( No new seeker should be without some protection) Jubilee settles into her small humble abode, out near the outer edge of the town among the many other new arrivals.  Occasionally they'll wave on their way to the blacksmith or the market, and occasionally she'll wave back.

In the morning, Jubilee gathers her fishing pole and a lunch of hearty yet plain brown bread and follows the stench of Udgar to the river to fish.  She has noticed in recent days that if she stays down wind of Udgar, no beasts will come near here.  She companionably shares the river with Udgar, laughing as his legs go one way and his arms another flailing about in the water, scaring the  fish even as he gobbles down the ones he catches.

At midday, Jubilee packs up her catch of the day and makes her way to the goods market, and afterwards stops of at the Carpenter's for an hour to work on what will soon be her grandmaster bed. Sleep is important for healthy young seekers. 

When Jubilee returns home, it's with a set of cheap fishing potions, that she puts on a shelf with much pride and excitement. A seeker sold them to her with the promise that they will help her to catch something she only thought was in her father's stories....a mermaid!   She's heard tales of the treasures and adventure a mermaid will bestow on the lucky fisherman or fisherwoman. And she aims to catch one.

It's important to have goals she tells herself.


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Re: Jubilee's Home Thread

Post by Jubilee on Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:43 pm

Is That A Real Mermaid?

Walking along the edge of the 2nd most popular fishing spot in Camaar, Jubilee noticed something large caught up in one of town's large trammel nets.  When she went to check the net over, she found a mermaid tangled in it along with a large number of fish.

It wasn't a handsome mermaid.
It had stringy sparse hair 
Blank staring fish eyes
and was covered in mud and seaweed.

And when she asked if it was ok, it just stared at her, mouth gaping open.  
Wait, did it just put garbage in its mouth?

She was feeling something less than impressed.

As she pulled the net off and splashed water upon it in an effort to revive it, it came to reveal that it was not a mermaid at all!  Udgar had somehow gotten himself tangled in one of the nets the evening before .

Oh Udgar!


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