A study on the life of a Farmer

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A study on the life of a Farmer Empty A study on the life of a Farmer

Post by Keliha Greyson on Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:45 pm

In response to the reduction of available labor and variable wages for the serfs and farmers in Camaar, I have begun stringing together some information in order to reevaluate my pricing for labor.  This includes a standard profit wage-which is my wage for both sowing and harvesting, as they require no tools-and information about the costs incurred from the use of a plough-based upon my preferred values as a smith.

The main issue is how much does ploughing a field actually cost someone, since in theory that should affect whether or not a 32 wage for ploughing is truly better than a 29 wage for sowing.

I have given each unit of labor a value of 0.5 copper each, and valued iron bars at 3 silver, wood at 25, and normal shaft at 2 silver.  With these prices, the value of a normal plough is 21s25b.  It also gives 1000 durability.  This is 500 uses of thee plough.  That means that each use costs just over 4 bronze-however, for those who purchase a cheap plough under the same scheme, thee cost will be higher, and lower for more substantial tools.  To this end, I have decided an extra 5 bronze pieces on the ploughing phase should be a sufficient balance of the cost of a plough.

So, have personally decided 27b for sowing/harvesting and 32b for ploughing to be the fairest price model while keeping my profits as landowner sufficient.  I just hope that this will help attract more labor for me.

Keliha Greyson

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A study on the life of a Farmer Empty Re: A study on the life of a Farmer

Post by karel on Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:26 pm

I hope so to for you!


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