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World creation game, (watch out! this is a bit of a bigger game than what you normally see)

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World creation game, (watch out! this is a bit of a bigger game than what you normally see) Empty World creation game, (watch out! this is a bit of a bigger game than what you normally see)

Post by Guest Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:19 pm

Well now that I am back again, I was wondering if some people would be interested in trying to make a world together from scratch. It has a few rules to allow a fair participation of the players...

If you are interested please reply and read the long long rules and make a character.
Each day each god will receive 1 action point (AP) with a max amount equal to 10. These APs may be spent as follows.

Curse/Bless – The god may bestow a curse or blessing upon the beings of the world. 1 AP effects a single being. 3 effects a group of beings similar to a tribe or village. 5 effects a group the size of a nation. 7 can effect anyone on a continent. 9 can effect any or all life forms on a planet. Another god may counter your action by spending an equal amount of APs or just protect their own favored by spending enough AP to bless/curse that group.

Shape Land – This creates any kind of terrain from mountains to oceans to forests to whatever you dream up. The terrain can be populated with simple plant and animal life for no additional points. 1 point affects territory the size of a city, 3 points affects an area the size of Belgium, 5 points affects an area the size of France, 7 points affects an area the size of Europe, 9 points affect an area the size of Asia, 11 points affects an area the size of Eurasia, 13 points affects an area the size of the world. Gods may spend AP to prevent change to their favored territories as with bless/curse.

Form Avatar – 7 AP. Creates an avatar that may walk the physical world. Each god may only have 1 avatar at a time. While
it is possible for powerful mortals (heroes) to destroy some types of avatar, this is not easy and is more likely to result in the destruction of the hero. If you have created an avatar and it is destroyed you may receive a new one for free after a period of one week (real time) from the time of the destruction of the avatar. Alternatively, you can re-pay the 7 AP to form a new avatar whenever you’d like.

Create Plane – 3 AP. Creates a plane of existence. The creator has complete control over this plane unless they cede some of this control to another.

Create Artifact – This creates an artifact or focus of power for the use of the god. The artifact generates its own AP which the god can use for one type of action, chosen at the time of the artifacts creations. Artifacts can be of the following types: blessing, cursing, land shaping, life creating, domain mastery. Each god may only have one artifact of any one type and two artifacts total. Lesser artifacts cost 3 AP and generate 1 free AP of the selected type each week on Monday morning at 0:00 GMT. Greater artifacts cost 6 AP and generate 2 free AP each week. Ultimate Artifacts cost 10 AP and generate 3 AP each week. No artifact may hold more AP than it can generate each week (so use it or lose it).

Gain Lesser Domain – 7AP. Must have performed 7 actions related to the domain. Try not to intrude upon the portfolios of other active gods. Taking up the mantles of lost gods is perfectly acceptable however.

Create Life – 1 AP creates a single species of advanced life. Creation of common life forms such as basic plants and animals is covered by the land shaping magic. However, gods may use shaping to spread creatures created with create life. Advanced life is usually spread and encouraged through blessings and roleplay over time. In general a race’s creator maintains creative control over a race and may explain how they are growing and changing over time, but it is common for other gods to corrupt or steal portions of each other’s races. Remember though that it is good form to work collaboratively OOC to help make a good story, even if the gods act against each other IC.

Create Concept – 3 AP. Concepts are things such as smithing, farming, armies, slavery, thaumergy, ect. that can be learned by all races and creatures. These concepts may bleed over into nearby cultures over time. A god may grant a concept that already exists to a group that does not have it yet for 2 AP. Any god may share a concept that they have created or adopted with any race for free, but not all races will take to the concepts that they are offered.

Combat – Gods may, if they so choose, engage in divine combat to resolve their differences. This may be worked out as a collaborative narrative between the two players, but they may also resort to a die roll if they so choose. If the do so then each player rolls 1d10 with the highest roll winning the conflict. It is generally appropriate to set the stakes beforehand. If dice based combat becomes common place then a new form of artifact will be introduced that gives the gods +1 to +3 on their combat die rolls.

To create your god/goddess please follow this simple template:

Name: The name of your god. Include color for speech if desired.

Titles: Any titles that you want your god to have. Others need not respect or acknowledge your titles.

Status: Elder God

Primary Aspect: Choose 1 primary aspect for your deity. Common choices would be things like earth, fire, order, chaos, ect. No two gods may have the same primary aspect.

Secondary Aspects: Choose 2 secondary aspects for your divinity. These can represent a focus, a leaning, a secondary philosophy, or anything else that you feel is appropriate. For example, a god of paladins may have justice and war as their secondaries or a nature god may have fire and chaos.

Form: A description of your god’s. Gods can normally take on any form that they desire, but many have preferred forms that they stick to in order for others to recognize them. In general, other gods will recognize you regardless of what form you are in. Gods can have multiple favored forms if they desire.
Personality: A description of your god’s personality. You may merge personality, form, and origin into a single write-up if you so choose.

Preferred Origin: In this game gods will come from somewhere. The first few might spontaneously spring from the void if that is what is agreed upon, or they might have other origins. Put down your preferred origin and we’ll discuss before gameplay.


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World creation game, (watch out! this is a bit of a bigger game than what you normally see) Empty Re: World creation game, (watch out! this is a bit of a bigger game than what you normally see)

Post by Guest Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:01 pm

Hmm, sounds interesting.


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