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Travelling Updated! Empty Travelling Updated!

Post by Lord Arogandor on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:02 am

Dear Seekers,

There have been some important updates concerning travelling on the map.

Let us start with the most nastiest one for you: All stamina costs on the world map have been increased!

- moving on the road costs
3 stamina instead of 2.
- moving in fields and grass takes
4 stamina now.
- moving through forests will require
5 stamina.
- Swimming through water will cost you
6 stamina.
- Mountains and others require
7 stamina at once.

This is the bad part, lets see the other chances now!

- Travelling Skills have been activated! Every time you move over the map, one of your travelling skills will increase!
Walking increases while moving on foot over land.
Riding increases while moving mounted over land.
Swimming increases while moving through water.

With every move on the map, you have a chance (1% for each point on your travelling skill) to get

1 stamina reduction on the movement cost.

Seekers who ride a horse, will gain 1 stamina reduction granted on their
movement cost in addition to the chance they have, depending on their
riding skill.

A new follower has been added in the town gates. The follower
grants 20 on your riding skill. (Remember that this is only useful when
you have a horse!)

Leather Shoes have been added in the Tailor Workshops! Shoes increase your Walking Skill when equipped!

Like always we appreciate your feed back and bug reports!

Have fun,

Lord Arogandor

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