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Search for truth, Family and new beginnings ( ORP)

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Search for truth, Family and new beginnings ( ORP) Empty Search for truth, Family and new beginnings ( ORP)

Post by Rosalina Mon May 03, 2021 7:18 pm

( Please Jump in if you wish Once she is done traveling Into the world of Grail world)

This Story belongs to a young Lady she would have white Fair skin, beautiful blood red red Lips, fiery red curls, she was delicate, and Gentle and everyone In the land adored her. She Lived in a beautiful castle, she took walks in a beautiful garden, she drank the Kingdoms finest tea. But she isn't a Queen or a Princess, not even Noble. . . The young Lady was well fed, Well dressed. You would think she had nothing to complain, But she is a poor orphan ordered by the king to serve the spoiled Princess, of another Land.  Every day the Princess of this Kingdom, pulled her red Locks everyday, saying " why do you comb your hair better then mine", or the Princess would throw her hot meals in her face because the Princess burnt the tip of her tongue, or her clothes ripped or cut to shreds because her simple dress made her figure and fair skin Look  better then the princess her self. But Little this lady knew one small act of disobedience, would change her life forever....

 This is How her Journey of new Beginnings  has started.

The Young Lady ran as fast she could covering her self as much she could covering her self as her dress was once again dirty and torn, bumping into the guards finding her way to her servant room. The servants and guards would point as they laughs once again as this was a daily ridicule the Poor young Lady would have to endure. Once she finally arrived in her chambers she  quickly close the door  drop on the floor, Her back to the door, rounding her knees to her chest sitting there letting her tears flow. Every day she would ask her self why The King has showed her favor and not sent her to the labor house like all the other orphans. But he has decreed her to be the Princesses Hand maid from a very young age. The young Lady would hear a bell ringing beside her door she  sighed. " well guess i am needed once again". She  got up and walk to the pitcher and bowl that was set on her dresser. She poured water into the bowl and take the hand towel that was folded beside it, she wet it and washed her face and arms washing off the food the princess has thrown at her. She then open the clothes cupboard, and pick out a dress changing her clothes quickly. She Pinned up her red curls and smoothed down her dress making sure she was presentable to be in the Princess presence, Opened the door and walked as fast she could to her Mistress call. Once she arrived In the garden tea house, the Princess gave her a impatient look tapping her foot on the ground Looking at her tea table.

Took you Long enough , you lazy wench The Princess said in a angry irritated voice, I been waiting for ages after you to come and pour me my After noon tea.

The young Lady smiles sweetly and approached the princess and nervously poured her tea. As she did some tea spilled beside the cup and on to the table. The princess frowned and Shout at her as she takes the cup and threw the content in The Lady's face.

You Wench you did it on purpose, you just love to humiliate me, you always thought you was prettier then meThe princess nonchalantly wave her hand in dismiss. Go get changed how dare you be in my presence filthy , you are discusting I shall tell my father that you have Insulted me. but first as my own punishment I want you to parade your self around the castle telling all you see that you are a discusting swine. and as you are parading your self go to the kitchen and fetch me a strawberry chocolate cake I am hungry and this is my Mid day snack. The young lady curtsy her Mistress  I give you my sincere apologies my Princess I am a worthless and clumsy servant she washed the tea off the table and slowly back away to then turn once she was at the entrance of the tea house. She  then shout " All see I am a worthless swine" as she walked thru the gardens , and thru the castle On her way to her room to get once more changed and fetch her Mistress the cake in the Kitchen. Once more the guards and the servants would point and laugh. she walked her head down in shame till she found her room. Once more she  washed her face and chose new clothes in her wardrobe, and quickly changed. she then walked as fast as she could to the kitchens to Find her only friend the Old Cook.
Once arrived in the Kitchen she smiled sweetly to the Old women, the old women was surrounded by bread , and cakes, and pies and various Pastries. "I see the King has kept you busy today " the young Lady Sayed a little worried as she saw the Old Cook tiered eyes. The Old cook Looked up and as she saw Rosalina her eyes brighten and  answered in a gentle Motherly voice, Aye but this is not the King but the Princess, she has Ordered to have Pastries done as she has invited all Noble Gentlemen to a Ball as she turned age of finding a suitorThe Old Cook  Took a Cake and set it on a tray, " I will take you came for Her Highness Mid day Cake?" The Young Lady Nod and softly answer, " Yes thank you, and I better go quietly, you know she do not tolerate waiting. The Young Lady took the tray and turn to deliver the beautiful Cake to her Mistress, as she did the Old Lady slip a key into Rosalina pockets and whispered " I think it time for you to take a look in the forbitten room my beautiful Child and finally get the Answers you seek" The Young Lady stopped in her step and turn her head with a Look full of questions, The Old sweetly smiled and shoo her with her hands " go before you get in trouble again. Just remember  I had always Called you  My sweet Princess not for nothing. after saying these words the old lady  gently pushed her out the door "Go Go hurry or the Princess shall once again find a reason to punish you." The young lady would hurry in the tea room in the Gardens and Bow as she gently set her Mistress Cake on the table, she cut a Large piece and set on a plate and puts it on the table In front of the Princess, and Looked at her hoping the Princess is satisfied with her service. the princess took a fork and dig in her cake , Once she was done she looked at Rosalina her face full of chocolate and cream, The Young lady  took a napkin from the table and gently wipe the Princess face. The Princess pushes her away annoyed " don't touch me wench, now leave I seen your ugly face long enough." The Young Lady bowed and left as commanded, she went to her chambers and waited till she was needed again Looking at the key with curiosity to then set it in a small box in the top shelf of her wardrobe. 

days passed The Princess's abusive behavior only became worse and worse as the days passed, but the young lady never complained.

Days Later after a full day of serving the princess the young lady came to her room exhausted, she would undress and  take the pitcher of water fill the bowl and wash her self, to then open her wardrobe to take out her sleeping gown and change, as she did her hand bumped the top shelf and a small box fell to the ground opening revealing the key.  she bent down and pick up the box and key from the ground but before she put back the key she stared at it and remembered the Old cooks words, Her curiosity grew threw the night as she couldn't sleep observing key wondering what the forbidden room has to do with her past. she got out of bed and put on a long shawl and secretly tip toe thru the castle Halls, until she found her self In front of a old rugged door. she  took the key from her pocket and slipped it in the lock, then opened the room. She looked even more puzzled as she observed the old dusty room, it was empty , dirty and dusty as if no one has entered for years, only thing in the room was a old blanket fill of holes on the ground and a old chest in the middle of the room. she  entered the room and as she did the key and the Chest would slightly glow, she walked towards the Chest as if it was calling her, and unlock it, she  opened the lid and took a peek inside, she would find a  traveling bag fill with letters addressed in her name, and a Locket that was slightly glowing. she started with opening one of the letters.

To my dearest sister Rosalina,

I know you don't know me and I am sure I will be dead and forgotten when you read this letter,
I am your older sister, Izobel, and your life is in danger every second you stay in this castle.
I beg of you just to trust me and please put on the pendent Me and mother has put in this chess,
it will guide you to a safe place. Once you are there you must find 2 of my old friends.
Lord Brown and Lord Aro. they will gladly help you and help you with your new journey.
Once you are in this world find my poetic house Called the Books of Souls, which I Have put a secret spell on.


With Love your sister ,
Izobel Montbazon Narvaille Casaviecchi

As she closed the letter and placed it in the bag , she would hear steps approaching the room and the voice of the King.  Who dares enter the forbidden room? Guards kill on site who ever disobeyed my direct orders. The guards ran in and charged towards Rosalina with their sword, she would turn and as she saw them in a panic put on the pendent not to lose it and got ready to find a way to run. As the young lady put the pendent her body shimmered and started to slowly disappear, she closed her eyes as she saw a sword swing directly to cut off her head. Suddenly the young Lady felt a cool breeze on her skin, she would open her eyes and raised her hands to her head making sure it was still attached, she looks at her surrounding wondering what happened as she found her self at the edge of a forest, town walls not to far. she would just stand there in wow trying to fully processes the weird Event she just lived. 
she suddenly turn and looked at the forest as she heard sound of some kind of beast growling, she would pick up her bag and scream with full force of her lungs as she kept falling and standing back up running towards the townHelp open the Gates, save me, a monster is after me helllpppp!!!!  ..,....

( and now the Adventures of a young lady Named Rosalina has started in a strange new world called Grail world)

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Search for truth, Family and new beginnings ( ORP) Empty Re: Search for truth, Family and new beginnings ( ORP)

Post by Brown Thu May 06, 2021 8:29 pm

As the sun was going down Supreme Leader Brown had been making his way around the town doing his duties and fulfilling his rounds. His last stop was the town gates. Upon arriving at the gates, Brown made his way to the top and gazed off into the distance watching the sunset on the totally ordinary day. After several minutes the last of the light had vanished over the horizon and the guards at the gate had lit torches that also lit up the entire town. 

In the distance Brown heard the rapidly approaching footsteps along with screaming and shouting. 

Help open the Gates, save me, a monster is after me helllpppp!!!! 

Upon the figure reaching the gates Brown had noticed a young woman and even though it was dark, the torches illuminated her fiery red hair. Brown continued looking down upon the woman at the gates and after a few moments remembered she was being chased.

Guards, ready your bows, something is coming from the shadows. Moments later a large wolf emerged from the shadows and began to pounce while the guards at the gate had their bows drawn. Fire! The guards released their arrows and every single one found their mark. The giant wolf howled in pain, but alas the arrows did not kill the beast. Weakened, the wolf turned around and ran off into the forest. 

After the situation Brown went down to the gate and looked to the young woman. You should be safe for now. Please speak to the gatekeeper and announces yourself if you wish to enter and stay in the town. I must be off to complete my duties. Before the young lady had a chance to respond Brown hurried away to complete the remainder of his tasks all while thinking about the young woman and her hair, wondering to himself why she seemed so familiar and glad that he was there at the gate at that exact time.

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