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Post by Stellar on Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:36 am

Grail Realm InOps File: Object #001
"The Ancient Relic"

Object Status: Unpredictable, Inanimate Object.

Threat Level: Yellow

  - Shows no signs of dangerous side effects so far.
  - Not yet fully understood.

  The Object #001 is an object, a silver-ish box roughly 8.4 cm x 8.4 cm x 4.1 cm in size made of materials yet to be identified by the realm. The Object were first discovered on ██-██-████ by citizens of Sarmiz during one of their patrols meant to suppress bandit activities. The patrol members noticed a disturbingly bright glow in the distance. Assuming it might be a bandit hideout, the patrol decided to investigate the source of the abnormal light. As the patrol close their distance, each patrol members noticed that they somehow feel their bodies are filled with energy. The patrol didn't find any trace of bandit presence in the area and discovered something is partially buried on the ground. They quickly dug it and discovered Object #001 which they assumed as an "artifact" of ancient origins. Any attempts to open the box ended up in failure.

Object #001 was carried back to the town and kept in a safe inside Sarmiz Town Hall. The next day, the entire town felt more energized than usual, allowing the citizens to work longer and harder than the rest of the towns. The news reached the ears of Grail Lords and Grail Realm InOps are dispatched to investigate the matter.

Object #001 will shine brightly when approached by a seeker, giving away it's position. For some unknown reasons, the object is extremely heavy to be lifted by a single person. When approached by groups of seekers, the object would become light enough to allow it to be retrieved by the Seekers. Any living individual around the Object is shown to be filled with more energy than usual, allowing the individual exposed to Object #001 effect to perform more actions than average living being.

Object #001 is capable of disappearing when taken away from the town who claimed it and somehow re-appears somewhere in the world. The methods of how the Object can travel is yet to be known.

Containment Procedures:
  Due to the fact we haven't fully understand the true extent of Object #001 properties, it is necessary for the Grail Lords to make attempts to retrieve Object #001 as soon as possible and as of ██-██-████, we are still unable to determine a method to effectively contain Object #001. Any personnel and civilians who have made a physical contact with Object #001 must be kept under constant watch for any anomalous side effects.

InOps retrieval teams must consists of at least 4 person, accompanied by multiple Grail Knights to ensure the safety of the InOps retrieval team and allowed to act only under the direct supervision of the Grail Lords. Failure to follow orders will be met with disciplinary punishments or possible termination.

Use of lethal force to protect Object #001 are allowed in case of monster attacks.


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