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Groups - first version Empty Groups - first version

Post by Lord Arogandor on Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:05 pm

Dear Seekers,

This forum post should contain most information concerning groups which should be launched on Sunday 17 December. If you would have any more questions please post them here and I will make it my task to answer them. Hopefully we can merge this list into a useful guide one day.

- Groups can only be created inside a town.
- A Seeker can be only in one group at the same time.
- A group always has one leader (the active player) and between 0 - 3 members.
- All seekers can send an application to join the group, which can to be approved or disapproved by the leader.
- The leader can disband or kick any member at any time or at any location.
- Members can leave the group at any time or any location.
- At all times, the leader can appoint another member to become the new leader of the group.
- Group announcements can be edited by the leader and must follow the Terms of Service.
- In case the leader dies, gets badly wounded or ends up in jail, the group gets disbanded and the members remain on the last location.
- A group can not leave town when one of the members has unpaid town taxes. The leader can either fight the town guards (alone) or kick the member.
- When traveling all the members lose the same amount of stamina as the leader. So if the leader has a horse all members profit from this.
- As members follow the leader, they do not receive experience for traveling. The leader still does.
- If one of the members has not enough stamina, the group can't move any longer.
- The leader can decide to carry one group member at any time, but only one member can be carried. When the leader carries a member, the stamina for moving over the map is doubled + 1 extra.
- As a member you follow the leader over the map. You can't travel on your own, will not get involved in any fights or encounters.

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