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Town Tax Investigations Empty Town Tax Investigations

Post by Lord Arogandor on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:50 am

Since today towns gained the possibility to start a tax investigation.

With such a tax investigation, the town will receive information about unpaid taxes.

To complete a tax investigation, we introduced the Bookkeeping Skill into the Realm.

If a Seeker is found to have unpaid taxes, he or she has 48 hours to settle their taxes with the town.

After those 48 hours and if the Seeker did not pay the taxes, the town has now the possibility to sentence the Seeker to jail for a period of time. The penalty depends highly on amount of unpaid taxes.

We gladly answer your questions if you have any and highly appreciate your opinion, comments or suggestions as well your skill to improve the quality of the help-files.

Detailed Information:

A Tax Investigation is an ability used by Towns to see if the target Seeker has unpaid taxes in the town.
Only if the suspect is known to be in the town, an investigation can be started (note: As long Seekers are in disguise they are not known to be in town).

Investigation Jobs can be taken at the Labourhall. They require a basic of 100 stamina with a reduction of 0.4 stamina for each point in the Bookkeeping Skill and 0.1 stamina for each point in the Intelligence Skill.

If the suspect has no or less taxes then an amount chosen by the town, the investigation has no further effect and is finished. However if the suspect has more taxes then allowed, the investigation continues. A warning is sent to the suspect together with a deadline 48 hours.

As soon the suspect completely paid the required tax, the investigation has no further effect and is finished.
Note: Only the tax at the start of the investigation is taken in account. Additional taxes gained during the 48 hours have no effect on the investigation.

If the suspect did not completely pay the required tax, he or she can be arrested by the town.
Seekers can only be arrested when they are known to be in town (note: again, when the suspect is in disguise they are not known to be in town).
If the 48 hours passed and the Seeker is not arrested yet, he or she can still decides to pay the tax in which case the investigation has no further effect and is finished.

When sentenced to jail, the amount of unpaid taxes have a direct influence on the time you have to spend in jail.

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Town Tax Investigations Empty Re: Town Tax Investigations

Post by karel on Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:22 am

Why wasn't this possible during my time as mayor? :scared2:


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