Guild/Forum Guidelines.

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Guild/Forum Guidelines.

Post by Airy on Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:35 am

Guidelines to Having a Guild Forum:
1. A Forum/Guilds must have a minimum of 6 members before it will be created, unless special circumstances apply.
2. A Guild must have a Guild Master who will be directly responsible for what is done and said in that guild sub-forum and have moderation of that forum.
3. A Guild must be a guild with effect in-game, so the Lord Aro-fanclub guild... shouldn't be named a guild, nor the pure-rp-guilds that never leave forum.
4. Any Guilds or sub-forums inactive for 3 months (unless prior arrangement is made with admin) will be shutdown and sent to archives.
5. Forum Administration retain the right to moderate all Forums, Guild Forums and sub-forums.
6. There can be more than one of the same type of Guild. (This rule is inactive until such times as the game has a larger membership or there is acceptable reasons given).

Lord Arogandor: "Making an group/section is fine, but I would like to see on paper a what exactly the group/section stands for, charter, goals, intentions, etc. We will not make a big amount of groups, with all their own little mods, who have no other goal then showing to others their lovely mod colors".

Apart from the experimental Guilds already in place. If Lord Arogandor approves the Charter or reasons for the group then you can get a forum here. Otherwise you can still be a group, but you would have to use an offsite forum such as a free one from Forumotion (where ours is hosted~links on the bottom left-hand page).

To Apply for a Guild please mail your idea to Airy, Community Manager.


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