Ingame Couples and marriages

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Ingame Couples and marriages

Post by Lord Arogandor on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:23 am

Love can be found everywhere, even in the Grail World!

Although the Grail Lords no longer need gods or religion (as they can be considered as gods themselve), they still honour the ancient tradition of marriage.
A Grail Lord can bring two persons together in a eternal bound, however this seldom happens and when it does it is a serious thing as well for the Grail Lord as for the loving couple. Persons who broke the vows of their marriage seldom survive the consequences! That is why the Grail Lords decided to marriage only persons who lived with eachother for a decent period of time and prove their loyalty, trust and love to eachother!

But because a lot of persons haven't the patience to wait for a Grail Lords blessing over their marriage, a lot of couples get married without the official blessing of a Grail Lord. Those marriages are usually accepted by everybody except for the Grail Lords itself. If those married couples fail their marriage, there are no further concequences.

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