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The Beginning of Grail Lords

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The Beginning of Grail Lords Empty The Beginning of Grail Lords

Post by Guest Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:24 pm

Come, come and listen to a tale, a most wonderful tale. This tale is filled with love and anger, trust and lies, peace and suffering. It is a tale of how our lives have come to be as they are today. This tale has been passed on from generation to generation. After all these years, finally it is preserved in writing, never to be forgotten or changed. Our history, our past, our life.

Long before our towns existed, our ancestors lived with nature. They lived among the trees, with the animals and the sun and stars above. They lived in groups, one along the water, another deep in the forest, one in the mountains, and the last in the meadows. None got along very well, each saying the other was destroying the land we all call our home.

The fighting went on for decades, it seemed that peace was no where in sight, until another generation was born. This generation gave birth to four wonderful individuals, Marina, Alexander, Hakim, and Flora. Each child played with one another, developing close bonds to each other. Nothing could stop their friendship, not even the war that surrounded them on a daily basis. Each child was the next in line to rule their tribe.

For years their parents attempted to exterminate the friendships, only to fail, no matter how hard they had tried. These friendships grew stronger, as they became older, stronger feelings developed. Before long, Marina gave birth to a boy, Alexander’s son. This created an uproar like never before. The tribe along the water then sent an assassin to the mountains and had Alexander killed. The devastated Marina named her son after his father, and swore to one day unite the tribes. As the generation before Alexander grew old, Marina, Hakim, and Flora took over.

Hakim and Flora and formed an alliance, combining the forest and the meadow, creating the town that we now know as Tirgoviste. They blamed Marina for the death of their beloved friend, and refused to allow peace between the waters and Tirgoviste. The tribe of the mountains kidnapped young Alexander, when he was only a lad of 3 years. They framed Tirgoviste, and Marina’s rage grew to new extremes. Now she vowed to make the other tribes bow down to the water, to avenge her son.

Alexander continued to grow up in the land of his father, growing to despise Tirgoviste, and although he was urged to develop the same hatred to the water tribe, he grew to love it. He eventually met a young girl from the water tribe, and when he was old enough, he married her, forming an alliance between the two tribes, forming the town Torquilstone.

Hundreds of years have passed, and many have forgotten our history. May our past never be completely forgotten, let it be revived, so we may not go back and let it repeat. Perhaps one day Torquilstone and Tirgoviste forgive each other, now that we know why we still fight.


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