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A brave Lady who tried to wash Udgar

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A brave Lady who tried to wash Udgar Empty A brave Lady who tried to wash Udgar

Post by Lord Arogandor Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:44 am

A brave Lady who tried to wash Udgar

While Lord Arogandor was on his Grail Quest, many legendary tales has been made. Some of those legendary tales will continue for eternity...
This is the immortal tale of a brave Lady, who thought she could handle a creature like Udgar.
Just like most tales, this tale starts very decent and clean...

It was almost midnight when Lord Arogandor arrived in the very small town "Pig's End", once there he looked for the most decent place to have a welldeserved sleep. As there was only one tavern in town the choice was made quickly. Lucky for Arogandor it was a warm and happy place to bring the night.
And so Arogandor met Lady Elchan, the innkeeper of the tavern. He ordered the biggest room the tavern could offer and the finest meal this town could make.

While Arogandor was bading in his room and washing all the dirt from his mighty body, Udgar managed to escape from his cage! Screaming with great pleasure it ran around naked and wild, until it discovered a new pleasure...eating postpigeons!
Until today it is not clear how it did it, but in a few minutes time Udgar ate all of the 69 pigeons alive!!!

Lady Elchan, rightfull owner of the poor ~and very dead~ pigeons was not exactly happy with the current events. With great fury she entered the room where Arogandor was bathing, smashed the door and asked for a good explaination, why all of her pigeons where gone and why there was a creature molesting her flowers in the backyard!

Calm as always Lord Arogandor started to explain that Udgar was totally unaware from his deeds; "...And even if it was smart enough to remember, it couldn't know that eating someone else pigeons wasn't right. The pigeons didn't have a note that says: "Don't eat me!" So Udgar couldn't know that those pigeons weren't for eating, and even if there was a note on those pigeons, Udgar couldn't read anyway! So you see dear Elchan you can't blame this creature for eating your pigeons."

Somehow Elchan wasn't totally satisfied with Lord Arogandors explaination, so Arogandor toke his little horn and blew it...
And from a distance you hear the creature approach, louder and louder...
When it finally arrived, the room started to stink immidiatly!

Arogandor just wanted to punish Udgar severely, when Lady Elchan had compassion for the foulest creature on earth and made a proposal to Arogandor.

She wanted to wash Udgar!!!

After laughing Arogandor tried to explain why that this was a very silly idea, but as she was a stubborn lady and as agrumenting didn't had any effect Arogandor agreed. With a huge towel and some refreshments Arogandor hid behind the seat while he watched how the lady would fail in great despair.
But our brave Lady Elchan wasn't a stupid lady at all, ho noo she was very least she was more clever the Udgar...

With her sweet voice she charmed Udgar, and when she had the attention ~If we can speak of attention ofcourse, its Udgar after all~ of Udgar she places a few fishes in the bath. Like always food has a magical effect on Udgar, it rolled into the bath trying to catch the fish. As those fish felt they where in great danger the effect was exactly right for Elchan. Udgar had a tough job catching those fish. In no time the chamber became a wet battlefield! Each time a spot of Udgar came above water Elchan washed it with a lot of soap! Again and again...and again...
Slowly Udgar gained some clean spots on his body, after a long time there where even more clean then dirty spots! It must be said that Arogandor his month felt open from the devotion and efficency of this wonderfull Lady!

The result of all that work was...indeed a clean Udgar! Halfeaten soap lays in the chamber, no dry spot available but, in the first time of history, Udgar didn't smell bad, didn't have mud on his face or dead animals between his toes!

Proud, happy and wet Lady Elchan leaved the room with a big smile, leaving Arogandor behind with a open mond and a clean Udgar....
With a deep breath Arogandor took the towel to dry Udgar ~As he is clean anyway~ and is just in time to see the last clean spot disappair from Udgar's body....

Udgar just completly destroyed the seat searching the last fishpieces that had escaped from his fishy hands. Covered in fish scales, dribble and seat parts Udgar gives its typical stupid smile....
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