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Post by Lord Arogandor on Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:43 am

Udgar, by Nogwa More

Udgar, a half-breed of an Ogre-female and a dwarf. Nothing is as ugly and disgusting as him. Despite of his fawlty appearance he’s the cook and inn-keeper of the Grail Lords monastery. They say his food tastes worst than goblin-vomit. They are correct.

Anyhow, Udgar functions also a many other things. As a beating-bag, toilet-cleaner, handy-man that’s not that handy at all, and so on ...

Well pranksters tell a lot of stories of how Udgar had joined the Grail Lords, well let me explain this to you. On day when Grail Lord Arogandor was riding with his shiny armor over the stretched lands he stumbled upon Udgar. Udgar was whole alone and was very sad. But with no fear Arogandor charged his horse into a sprint, wielding his sword and screaming his battle-cry. After he chopped of Udgar’s left ear and punctured his longs with the tip of his sword, he realised that Udgar wasn’t fighting back. Could it be a sign? A clue for where to find his Grail?

First he took Udgar on the back of his horse, but the smell of him changed Arogandor’s mind quickly and he threw the hurted Udgar back on the sharp-pointy-rocky floor, ordered him to follow him. Since that day on, Udgar has never left The Grail Lords, maybe Udgar is the most loyal subject of the Monastery throughout its entire history. So if you need anything done not good, or want to beat something up, go find Udgar.
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