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Post by Lord Arogandor on Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:47 am

For those who have difficulties on the world map and encounter not enough or to much monsters, here you have a full explanation!  cheers

How to encounter a monster

3 conditions must been fulfilled before you encounter a monster:
- You must have moved on the map (note: running away from a monster does NOT include as a move).
- Your new location is NOT a special location (a town for example).
- a random number between 1 to X* must be 1.

The random number X

The random number is in normal situations 7. This means you have 1 chance out of 7 to encounter a monster while moving on the map.
There currently are 2 ways to modify that number 7.
- Hire the follower "Screaming Pig" which increases the chance to encounter a monster from 1 out of 5!
- Hire the follower "Orcish Drummer" which decreases the chance to encounter a monster from 1 out of 9!

You found a monster, now what?

When you got (un)lucky enough to encounter a monster, the Realm will pick a monster for you from the list with available monsters.
To do that, the Realm looks at your current combat level and to give some variation the Realm uses a normal distribution with a standard deviation on your combat level.
Once the Realm found a monster for you, the monster get stored in the database. So when you close your browser or leave the fight, the monster will await you whenever you come back!

Some might find the monsters too challenging

This Realm doesn't claim to be an easy-to-live-in-realm. Adventures outside are considered to be dangerous and should be carefully prepared. If combat is not your thing, you can make a living in towns as well. If combat is what you are born for, make sure you have some health potions and a weapon equipped.
If combat is not a challenge for you at all, please contact Lord Arogandor.

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