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The evil one and his ... cunning plans.

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The evil one and his ... cunning plans. Empty The evil one and his ... cunning plans.

Post by Guest Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:36 pm

Nogwa was walking alongside two brute mercenaries to the market in Camaar to sell some cheap piece of steel to a peasant and to buy a fresh pint afterwards for him and his merc's. Yet, he stops when he sees activity at the animal market. "Strange." Nogwa actually says outloud. When he finally makes it to the end of the muddy road with his short legs, he sees a man rubbing his hands and giving everyone a shady look.

The hoodlum at the market shows clearly his evil intentions and shouts: "A pig for A gold... A sheep for A gold....All for gold today!".

Nogwa laughed somewhat... the merc says to the brute next to him: "who was able to earn a gold, will be smart enough not to spend it on this skinny piggie."

Nogwa stopped quoting the obvious isn't funny and says to the merc: "Shut up, you ruined it now... and we lost good time walking all the way over here for this!"

So the two mercs and the fat dwarf walk back and down the same muddy road...


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