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[ORP] As a Pheonix, rise.  Empty [ORP] As a Pheonix, rise.

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:07 am

Stefan leant upon his staff, well, to call it a staff would be an insult to staff makers everywhere, in reality it was a sturdy branch he had picked up while fleeing his homeland and was using to ease the hike. As he leant upon his "staff" he stared at the town below him, taking a deep breath and running a hand through his brown hair. "So here we are" he murmured, staring at the small town of Camaar. His hand absent mindedly slipped to his brooch, pinning his fine, if slightly worn, cloak around his neck. His thumb slowly moved across the intricate design, it was a crest, the crest of his house, a striking Phoenix. As he felt the shape of the brooch the memories of the last year came back to him, of how he'd reached here.

His fool of a father had concocted a half brained scheme to lay a claim to the lands of the Lacrians, a neighboring duchy to the south. The act itself was not foolish, in fact it was rather prudent, the Lacrian succession had been in the balance for a generation now, and it was ripe for the taking, if one could get even mildly passable proof that one had a claim to the lands. Unfortunately his father had not taken the measure of paying the King to have a blind eye to his actions, which had rather dire consequences. The armies of house Tarvitz took the castle of the Lacrians within two moons, swiftly crushing the inferior forces, however the Lacrians were wealthy, and Duke Geoffrey had managed to escape to the King with a sizeable sum, and convinced him that the Tarvitz's were in the wrong.

They held their lands for a winter, and despite Stefan's protests that they should prepare for an invasion from the King to the south, his father chose to dismiss him as paranoid, and feasted the winter away in his new castle, barely even bothering to repair the damage to the walls done during the siege. When the Kings forces came, he was on a hunting trip. The Kings armies slaughtered their way through the lands, looting and burning as they went, they caught Stefan's father unaware as he returned from his hunting trip, and he was killed. Stefan had taken the core of his guard and fled his families home when he saw the battle was hopeless, using a secret passage from the castle. The King knew of the entrance and his guard fought to the last, to allow Stefan time to escape. He rode his horse to it's death that night, and had left the castle with only his sword, his signet ring, and a single set of expensive clothes. He had to sell the sword to get the money to keep travelling.

Stefan dry swallowed as he thought of the foolishness of his father, throwing away their families name over a poorly thought out gamble! Stefan would not make such a mistake. This land was new to him and he was alone, without supporters, without lands. But he would rise again, the house of Tarvitz would rise again, the Pheonix will rise again. "It will be mine." Stefan growled and he stalked towards the town, staff in hand "It will all be mine."


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