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[Recipy] Bread

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[Recipy] Bread Empty [Recipy] Bread

Post by JuliusV Mon May 25, 2009 4:28 am

Old family recipy

The first product one needs when baking bread is wheat. Wheat can be grown on a field, or bought at the Town Market.

The wheat needs to be grounded for making flour. This can be done in the mill:

[Recipy] Bread Mill

For 1 bag of flour, 2 bags of wheat are needed.
The stamina needed depends on the Miller skill. For one bag of flour you would need the following stamina:

Miller skill Stamina
0 - 19.99
20.00 - 39.99
40.00 - 59.99
60.00 - 79.99
80.00 - 99.99
Flour can also be bought at the Goods market.

Finally we can bake the bread from the flour. This can be done at the Residence > Kitchen.
For making 1 Batch of breads we need 1 bag of flour, 2 wood and 10 stamina

Without any baking skills this will give you approximately 3 - 5 loafs of bread. We also get 1 additional bread for every 10 points in baking.

[ P.S. It is without saying that you can buy bread directly at your Town's restaurant ]

Edited by JpRagavan on 5-Jan-2013. Reason : Added details for Miller & Baking. Also removed old prices that were mentioned

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[Recipy] Bread Empty Re: [Recipy] Bread

Post by Guest Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:06 am

Is this recipe still accurate?


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[Recipy] Bread Empty Re: [Recipy] Bread

Post by Guest Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:53 am

The recipe is still accurate. The prices given may fluctuate however.


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[Recipy] Bread Empty Re: [Recipy] Bread

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