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Rosamund's Garden

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Rosamund's Garden Empty Rosamund's Garden

Post by Guest Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:49 pm

Rosamund slowly strolled the garden of the small cottage she had just taken. She plucked a rose and brought it to her nose, deeply inhaling the heady scent. The rose garden was the reason she had purchased the cottage, the riot of colors calling to something inside her. She had never had a garden of her own before and she smiled as she contemplated the hours she would spend tending it.

Meandering along the path she found herself back at the cottage. She reluctantly entered, leaving the fragrant breeze for the slightly stuffy air of the house. She trailed a finger through the thick dust on the sideboard in the dining room, a small pucker of displeasure marring her features. The first thing she needed to take care of was the dusting and cleaning. The house had not been inhabited in some time and it showed the signs of the neglect. She sighed heavily as she made her way back to the kitchen. Pausing by the open window she gazed out at the garden, letting herself get lost in daydreams. Finally, she gave a small shrug and with a slightly guilty smile left the cottage, the dust undisturbed, the trunks unpacked, the kitchen unswept, and escaped back out into the garden.


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