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Bandalf’s Quest I: The Tutorial - Quest guide

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Bandalf’s Quest I: The Tutorial - Quest guide Empty Bandalf’s Quest I: The Tutorial - Quest guide

Post by Halcyon Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:39 am

This post contains my first quest guide, for Bandalf's first tutorial quest.
This guide contains many spoilers for the quest, so if you don't want the quest spoiled then leave the page now.

Click to open the quest guide:

This is the first quest you'll run into in the Grail Realm, it acts as an introduction to some basic concepts of the game.
You will be unable to view or start any other quests until you either complete or fail this quest.
You'll receive some cheap tools to start with as well as a follower for 30 days, a handy weapon and a free ingredient to make a meal out of.
This guide assumes you follow the quest the way it was intended, you may find other ways to complete the quest objectives but I will not discuss them in this guide.

- Quest Guide -
Prerequisites: This quest has no prerequisites.
Required Stamina: 58 (using level 1 skills)
Completion Rewards: 100 Stamina, 5 Silver

Part 1:

To start this quest, you must visit your Quest Book which is accessible from the character page.
In this first part, you are given two options: choosing the first option "I’m new here, so your help is most welcome!" moves the quest forward.
Choosing the second option "Leave me alone old fool! I can’t stand Wizards!" gives you the option to fail the quest, and forfeit all rewards you haven't already received.
This option comes up many times during the quest, giving you the opportunity to fail the quest if you want to, but there is no way to reset the quest once you've failed it, so this is ill-advised.
I'll refer to this as "Fail page" throughout the guide.

Part 2:

In this part Bandalf gives you some information regarding stamina, skills, and life-points.
Upon reaching this point, Bandalf will join you as a follower, granting you 25 bronze per day as well as an extra 10 stamina during the daily reset.
These bonuses last 30 days or as long as Bandalf remains your follower, if you don't want these bonuses you can kick Bandalf from your retinue.
You will be given two options, the first option "Oh yes! Let’s talk about food, Bandalf!" will advance the quest.
The second option "You make me sick! You know that?! Leave me alone!" will bring you to the Fail page.

Part 3:

In this part Bandalf informs you that you're entitled to a free bread meal once per day from the Soup kitchen in your Town's Restaurant as long as you're less than 30 days old.
He also explains cooking and meals, and gives you one free ingredient to prepare a meal with.
You will then be required to cook a meal in Your Kitchen, which you can do using the free ingredient received from Bandalf as well as 8 Stamina to cook the meal.
To proceed to the next part of the quest you will need to cook a meal and return to your quest book after your hunger status is no longer "Hungry".
If you have already eaten your free bread meal from the Soup Kitchen then you won't need to eat the meal you just created and can save it for later.
Once you've met these requirements you can return to your quest book and choose the first option "Items? Yes that sounds very interesting, tell me more" to continue the quest.
If you wish to fail the quest you can choose the second option "I’m going to cook again! Leave me alone!" which will direct you to the Fail page.

Part 4:

In this part Bandalf explains Items, Tools and Potions, and how durability works. He also explains the realms currency (100 Bronze to 1 Silver and 100 Silver to 1 Gold).
Selecting the first option "Can I see those tools sir?" will advance the quest, and Bandalf will offer you 3 different Cheap tools with 200 durability each.
Once you select this option you will be unable to reject the tools, so if you don't want these free tools then you will need to select the second option.
The second option "You can put that item where no daylight shines!" will direct you to the Fail page.
Once you accept the tools you will be given two options, the first option Thank you very much! This will help me greatly" will advance the quest.
The second option "Finally! Something useful! Now go away!" will direct you to the Fail page.

Part 5:

In this part Bandalf briefly explains about Towns and the realm.
Choosing the first option "Travel? How can I travel?" will advance the quest.
Choosing the second option "By the Grail, do you never get tired of yourself?" will direct you to the Fail page.
Bandalf will then explain briefly about travelling and will advise you not to travel during your first few days in the realm as it can be dangerous.
Choosing the first option "I will remember that, thanks once again!" will advance the quest.
Choosing the second option "Lets go outside, you and me, right now!" will direct you to the Fail page.

Part 6:

In this part Bandalf explains about the Labourhall where you can spend stamina to work on jobs posted by other players for wages; as well as Workshops where you can make tools yourself.
You will then be tasked with creating a Cheap Shaft in the Carpenter's Workshop using the 5 Wood provided by Bandalf.
In the Carpenter's workshop you will need to start a new Cheap shaft.
You can then "Continue your work" and spend 50 stamina to complete 100 units in order to complete your work.
Once you return to the Quest book, Bandalf will congratulate on your work. He will then take your Cheap shaft and return it to you as Bandalf's Staff.
Choosing the first option "Thanks old man, I appreciate your kindness a lot." will advance the quest.
Choosing the second option "I would like to use this Shaft kill you right now!" will direct you to the Fail page.

Part 7:

In this final part Bandalf will explain about followers which can give you various benefits usually in exchange for a fee.
Choosing the first option "Yes! That would be a nice end indeed." will take you to the final page which will display some hints.
Choosing the second option "You sick bastard! Haven’t you tortured me enough?" will direct you to the Fail page.
On the last page you are only left with one option "Thank you very much!" which will complete the quest.
Upon completion of the quest you will receive 5 Silver and 100 extra stamina to use for that day.
You will also gain an achievement which will net you 5 Grail score.

Bandalf’s Quest I: The Tutorial - Quest guide CZo8Qyx

Congratulations on completing your first quest in the realm! Now that you've got that out of the way, you will be able to view your complete quest book.
If you have any feedback or issues with this guide, please let me know through a letter in-game. Thanks for reading! Smile
I recommend completing Wanna’s Quest I: Recognition next, a guide for this quest can be found here.

Quick Guide:
1 = the first option
1 > 1 > Cook a meal and eat a meal > 1 > 1 > Accept the tools > 1 > 1 > 1 > Craft Cheap Shaft > 1 > 1 > 1


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