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Axel's Travel Scrolls

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Axel's Travel Scrolls  Empty Axel's Travel Scrolls

Post by Terrai Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:32 am

These travel guidelines were written long before my time, and have been passed down in Spero from generation to generation.  The legends turn to myth, and now the original author is not even known (if you know, please tell me so I can credit the author here and in the title).

Update: Archeological evidence has revealed that these scrolls were written by none other then the infamous Axel Ackland, former Governor of Spero and adventurer extraordinaire.

During Spero's recent office renovations, it was decided to move the ancient scrolls to this venue, lest they be damaged and lost forever.  So read, hearken, and be warned of the perils awaiting you outside of Spero's mighty gates!

1. To avoid a skirmish with the town's guard, and most likely jail, please pay your owed taxes before leaving town, you probably won't be able to sneak out.

2. Each movement on the map requires 3 stamina, this can be reduced through the purchase of a horse, your riding skill, and your walking skill, if they get high enough.

3. Remember, traveling can be completely safe, if you don't mind raising your cowardice skill, you can always flee without engaging an enemy, cowardice skill has no negative effect.

4. If you do engage in a fight and things turn ugly, you have the option to retreat from the enemy. You have a 50% chance to escape, so it may not always be possible.

5. Please view the map to have an understanding of where you are in the Grail Realm

Or here:

WARNING: Before you decide to go gather any resources, please read the tips below to maximize your earnings:

1. Make sure you have your tool equipped BEFORE leaving town, you will be unable to equip it after, until you go back inside the gate.

2. Buy bread for your trip, one for each day you decide to stay outside. Bread is the only food you're able to eat when you're outside of town... You may also drink soups, beer, and milk, but that will not fulfill your appetite.

3. Before you go Iron mining, Coal mining, or Stone gathering, hire Bob the Miner from the town gate area. He will give you +20 mining skill and will help you increase your earnings.

4. Bring at least a couple potions before you leave town for Iron mining, Coal mining, and Stone gathering. Mining any of these resources has a good chance to harm you from falling rocks, and it sucks to die.

5. Before you go Woodchopping, make certain you hire Jack the Lumberer. He'll give you +20 woodchopping skill for each day you hire him. This is a must-have for woodchoppers, since his benefit will give you 2 extra wood for each attempt you make. For a level 0 woodchopper, he'll help you go from 5 wood a day to 15.

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