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Roles You've Played

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Roles You've Played Empty Roles You've Played

Post by Dutch Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:05 pm

So I'm curious, many of us here have drifted from a variety of MMOs, browser games, MUDs, etc. Some are new to it while others of us have been playing such games for years.  My question for you all is what roles you've played, what roles you tend to like playing, and what roles would you hope to one day play?  By roles, I don't necessarily mean the traditional RPG ones like Warrior, rogue, wizard, etc. either.  I'm not necessarily talking about what class you may have picked but what function you tend to like serving in a game. What you typically like to do.

For instance, most tend to know that here in the Grail Lords, I'm a pickpocket, trader, and gambler.  And I honestly love this arrangement as all those 'roles' involve competing against the player-base in some form or other.  

However, I've other roles I've played:  

In games like Eve or Elite Dangerous, I played as a blood-thirsty PVP pirate, seeking ships to either blow up or threaten into giving me credits to leave them alone.  At one point in Eve, I played a bit as a day-trader in Jita (given how the market in that game is very active), aside from the more traditional roles like miner or mission-runner.  In Pardus, aside from being a pirate and a smuggler, for a time, I was a faction patriot and starbase owner, which was pretty cool as I got to play a bit of a part in a larger war, even if my role was small and the base I was running was mostly a backwater few visited.

In Renaissance Kingdoms, I played as a roving bandit and a mercenary for quite a few years, occasionally working alone or joining with more organized criminal groups (though working alone was always preferable, as most of the more organized groups tended to become a hugbox and lacked any actual spine for a lot of the stuff people joined them for in the first place). 

In Native Kingdoms some years back, I had some fun playing an ax-crazy madman who thought he was the living incarnation of a god.  That was fun, and the insanity of the role allowed me to cut loose in ways even I normally wouldn't, and I survived a lot of stuff I honestly should not have lol.

Played but never really cut a role out for myself.  However, in Might and Fealty, I had the fun of playing as a higher lord and eventually the Imperator of a brutal, sprawling player-comprised empire of religious fanatics.  That was some of the most fun I had in a long time, as it allowed me to play simultaneously as a brutal tyrant willing to crush his foes, a nation-builder cementing laws and attempting to attract a player-following, and a manipulative schemer.  This wasn't an RTS mind you either.  Getting and maintaining power required working with other players, securing loyalties, coming down hard on dissent, negotiating, conspiring against enemies or even your allies, keeping an eye open for who might put a dagger in your back, etc.  Its the kind of stuff alliance and corporate leadership in games like EvE would do but on a smaller scale with a smaller community of players.  Never seen anything like that again.

So those are the most memorable roles I think I've played.  Mercenary, thief, smuggler, pirate, tyrant, psychopath, etc.  I know shocking stuff that I'm sure you never expected.   Laughing  I've always loved playing the villain, or if not the villain, then a neutral wanderer, or an extremely flawed hero/ anti-hero.  

As for roles I wish I could play, hell, if I had the time, I'd play the part of that manipulative lord/emperor again just for how fun it was at the time, but other than that, I always wanted to be a spy, saboteur, or a scammer.  Something like the character of Djikstra or Thaller from the Witcher series.  

So how about you people?  What kind of roles do you tend to gravitate toward and find enjoyment in when you play in a multiplayer game?

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Roles You've Played Empty Re: Roles You've Played

Post by Jubilee Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:11 pm

hmmm....I've never played any of those games.  I've never been much of a gamer to be honest.

For me, a good game has less to do with a role or character you choose to play, but  more to do with how interactive game play is with your choices and how it evolves.  
I have a problem solving personality and like strategy games  the best I suppose.  So any games in which I get to make a huge amount of choices and it effects things in surprising ways with out a game  having official good, neutral ,and Chaotic or evil "endings" So I tend to hate whatever the last 3 mission are in a game. Because they are more based around wrapping up a story with a limited number of choices

I guess I like a game where I get to write the story and the game world interacts around that. idk Otherwise I get bored fast and I don't get farther then an hour into a game. before never playing it again. idk.  I like testing the boundaries of a game, and once I know how it all works, I'm done with the game.

That being said,I did enjoy playing dishonored 2 and minecraft for a couple hours one day when my boyfriend bought that game. so there it is. 

I think if I had to pick a role...I'd probably end up as mercenary, thief, lord, spymaster or a spontanous psychopath. someone who does whatever they want, you know?


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