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Aglarele's adventures

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Aglarele's adventures Empty Aglarele's adventures

Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:02 pm


Hi all, I’m Aglarele also known as Agla.
I only entered the grail realm very recently and decided to start a journal of my adventures in game. I started writing my adventures about 60 days after I joined, so I had some catching up to do writing wise. This might cause some chronological issues at the beginning as my mind started to become a bit foggy here and there while recollecting these events.
However, even though I have a fairly large imagination and some events seem too good to be true, none of these were made up to spice up the story, all events did occur.

For players who join after me it might contain some tips and tricks of things to do and mistakes I made which you could possibly still avoid. If you are more experienced it might trigger some memories from your own past or give you a fresh view on things you never really thought about before.

Either way, I hope you all like to join me while I explore the Grail Realm and enjoy this adventure together with me. As you’ll soon find out I’m not that good at writing anything short, so sit back and relax, have a drink and hopefully enjoy the ride.

This is a repost of my previous topic that is located in the Grail City of Sarmiz. If you read Episode X you'll know why I'm reposting here.
Should you prefer to read my story in chronological order, then please stick around here and try to be patient while I catch up with current events Aglarele's adventures HNdEIeuFYLvOL6qfuWWoPuVcZYQrL_wl_fPAe5x9OsBL9t05LeWt8wJQJVkeO6IWB0MujRccF8DNmw6-ts36AqHoWUq9cvjC3l2Kb5lVe6c6jf3q7nfyfvDTpmo-MG0WTSMqUX9S

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Aglarele's adventures Empty Re: Aglarele's adventures

Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:03 pm

Episode 1

Seems like only yesterday that I heard an announcement of a (for me unknown) land looking for new grail seekers. So I packed my bags with all the stuff I could carry and headed over to look for a new place to live in. I decided to go for a small new town that would give me plenty of opportunity to grow along with it.  Ok, I have to admit it; I wasn’t that strong or rich to start with.  So I knocked on the town gate empty handed. Luckily the people of Sarmiz took me in with open arms even though they did frown a bit about my long term plans of becoming an alchemist.

Upon my arrival an old men named Bandalf was waiting for me to show me around. He tells me it’s a good idea to introduce myself to someone. I look around helplessly and realize I don’t know anyone in town to message. While pondering on this I get attacked by a pigeon who carries a welcoming letter from Lord Arogandor, the holy Grail Lord.
So I decide to be brave and introduce myself to Lord Arogandor. Worried as I am about bothering him I don’t dare to waste much parchment and ink so I just send him a short note that Bandalf told me to go send a pigeon with a note to someone and I just did.
Imagine my surprise when he isn’t bothered at all about my note and welcomes me to ask questions.  He must have realized his mistake soon enough afterwards when I prepare an endless list of questions for the next pigeon!

All these introductions left me hungry so I follow the smell of delicious food and walk into the restaurant. I look at my very meagre coin purse and realize I can’t afford any of the food for sale here if I still want to buy tools. I rub my empty belly and sigh.
Udgar hears my rumbling tummy and heads over to me. Ah you must be new around here he says.  The town of Sarmiz takes good care of its new citizens so just get in line and pick up free bread. It’s not as tasty as the other foods, but it fills the belly at least. Feel free to visit the soup kitchen for the next couple of weeks. That should give you plenty of time to learn your way around town and find a source of income to be able to afford your own food. Or maybe you could even try to prepare your own foods in the future.
I eagerly take a bite of my first bread and it tastes pretty good. It doesn’t raise my mood, but at least I’m no longer hungry. I should be able to survive on this for a while!

After I return from the restaurant Bandalf is waiting for me. He tells me farming is a good skill to get started with to earn some income. I follow his advice and get a farming plot. After careful consideration I start cultivating a field of wheat.  At least I should be able to make my own bread with it later on!
So I head over to the fields and start a farm of wheat. I work an entire day on the farm and look back at the end of the day. A little discouraged I see how little progress I made.

I shrug and realize all beginnings are hard and it should get better when I become more experienced at it.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:05 pm

Episode 2

The next day I encounter a ruined farmer who asks me to plant wheat for him. Smiling I present him my already ploughed land. He shakes his head and says my field is not good enough for his crops.  He wants to supervise me to ensure everything will be done up to the highest standards!
I curse my own eagerness to start farming and almost decline his request.
In the end I only agree because he promises to assist me a little bit to lighten the workload. It certainly made me rethink Bandalf’s advice regarding farming!
I start dreaming again about becoming an alchemist and impatiently wait for the day I’ll be able to venture out to collect my own herbs.

After this troublesome day I head into the tavern for a drink. Oh boy, did I learn my lesson about drinking beer there.
It was a bit confusing first as I couldn’t quite figure out who was living in my town and who wasn’t, but after a while that didn’t seem to matter much.
There were at least 5 people there, but I mainly remember Axel and Wailer being there. Certainly everyone present was very friendly and welcoming. Someone decided to help me raise my mood by offering me tons of free drinks. Up until that point I had only seen my mood go down by all the hard work and was already starting to wonder how I was supposed to keep myself from becoming depressed.
I don’t remember much of that night, (not even who fed me the beer) but the headache the next morning was not that easily forgotten! No wonder I had even less energy to get some work done the next day!

A couple of days later I encountered a poor guy with a half-starved chicken. I agreed to look after the poor chicken and feed it daily. After a couple of days it even started laying eggs again! Of course I shared some with her previous owner. With pain in my heart I had to slaughter my first adoptive chicken when the end came near for it. Made sense to slaughter her before she died of natural causes and leave the meat go to waste, but still…

I realized these eggs I had gathered were a good way to produce my own food, so I started baking omelettes. Just a single ingredient meal, but these were quite a lot tastier than the bread the soup kitchen had been serving me. No offence meant Buzadam!
Shortly after my egg supply started to diminish I bought my very own 2 baby chicks and raised them till they started to lay eggs. This secured my food supply so I would be able to upkeep my own daily meals.

One would think I learnt my lesson from my previous escapade in the tavern, but unfortunately I tend to make mistakes several times first. Or perhaps I don’t always pay enough attention to my glass. Someone must have slipped me several drinks without me noticing.
Ok, I confess, must have been more like a lot of drinks … Thus I ended up quite drunk again a couple of weeks after the first time.
The following morning I heard I was in a bar fight! I remember Ted, Eleanor and Axel were there. Other than that my mind was blank.  At least I was on the winning side and gained some combat experience from this! Now if only I had any memory of this…

Only 4 nights later the exact same thing happened again! I slowly started to recognize a pattern regarding Axel being present whenever I got drunk in the tavern. Must have been him who got me drunk enough to start a barfight. Seems I really should try to remember to refuse drinks when that bloke is around! As soon as your mind wanders for just a split second your glass could have been refilled several times over.
I rest my case that it’s not my fault I always empty my glass as soon as it’s filled again!
Other than some brawling in the tavern; life in Sarmiz went pretty peaceful so far.
I hadn’t ventured out of town yet, but I did practice my writing a bit by copying a few pages of a book in the library. Of course the librarian had to scold me for copying pages of the wrong book (as turned out to have been noted on the sign in the library.)
Most likely he didn’t realize that I hadn’t had any reading lessons up until that day, so I claim innocence there.

Not sure if it was a coincidence that the university offered me reading lessons shortly after. Hopefully the librarian has forgiven me by now!

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Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:06 pm

Episode 3

With spring came also a barbarian invasion in town so I decided to volunteer in the hospital to assist JaramyWarren with the healing of wounded seekers. I had the feeling I was doing more harm than good, but he seemed to appreciate my efforts and paid me a small fee for the help. I started with no healing skills whatsoever but did manage to prepare some bandages and apply some first aid here and there on our wounded soldiers. At least they never looked any worse when they left my care! Maybe there was a little bit of a healer in me after all!

After careful inquiries and multiple confirmations that I really did not risk losing any items if I got slaughtered by the barbarians I dared to try to assist our mighty warriors by battling the barbarians.
It felt like I was stabbing them with a twig instead of Bandalf’s staff, I could almost hear them mocking me from a distance.
Imagine how surprised I was when I discovered that I had done enough damage to receive a reward. As a reward I picked a great looking Hex Hunters hat which I still wear proudly up to today. Not like I have any better defensive gear to wear either, but still… It was the first gear I collected myself and I’ll always cherish it.

The barbarian invasion made me realize it was about time to venture out of town. Especially as we had received a letter from the town Herald (at that time Eleanor Norton) announcing that for the Easter Egg event we had to move to another town as our town farm wasn’t high level enough. Fool as I was I believed this news,  and slaughtered my two chickens so they would not starve to death in my absence during the event.
Later on I was informed this was just an April fool’s joke, but it was already too late for my poor chickens. Now if only I had just hired a caretaker for them…

In the end the egg hunt took place in Sarmiz after all. Luckily looking for eggs wasn’t as exhausting as I expected, so I did have some time to do some small tasks in town as well. Looking for eggs just required entering the garden at regular intervals to inspect the grass, bridge, water, trees, yeah even the birds nest in the trees!
Unfortunately I’m not so agile so I broke several eggs by stepping on them, threw some to someone who was annoying me (I’m such a fool for mixing up eggs with pebbles), not even to mention about that mean bully Arogondar who stole several from me!

Even though the top 3 was unreachable for me, the #5 spot was quite an egg battle between me and Eumelia from Spero. Day after day we were tailing each other for that spot, one always just a single egg ahead of the other. I’m not certain if she kept as close watch as I did, but I certainly did my best to keep up and stay ahead. At the last day I lost the battle, but I felt I had done everything in my power to gather as many eggs as possible.
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find myself a present, but I did end up with a stamina potion at least.

A great event, but with a sour aftertaste considering my poor chickens who gave their life way too early.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:07 pm

Episode 4

After this Easter egg event, which had once again kept me chained to town for another couple of days I decided it was way overdue to venture out of town.  
After the necessary preparations, which included battling a dummy (I swear it moved!) and battling a killer bunny (sweet revenge for hiding my Easter present!) they found me capable enough to leave. They offered to replace part of my worn out rags with expertly made Quilted Armor.  I could hear them whispering and wondered if they were placing bets on how soon I would be back. If I would return just after just a couple of steps outside or if I would break my neck by stumbling on my own feet.

When I officially announced to the guard I was going for a walk out of town I was asked to deliver a letter to the grail monastery. A task I gracefully accepted.
Just before I left I entered the tavern and told them I was ready to visit the grail monastery for the first time. They warned me to avoid bambi, helped me plan the road with the map and wished me good luck.
In my secret pockets I stashed some extra silver to buy myself a cow in one of the other towns as Sarmiz didn’t have any cows available at the time.

Armed with Bandalf’s staff I ventured out of town, my only protective gear was the Hex Hat I got from the Barbarian invasion.
Only a few steps out of town I got attacked by a wolf. I thought I was ready after those bar brawls so I decided to face it head on. Full of confidence I stepped forward and saw the wolf stepping forward as well. From the tavern I could hear everyone cheering for me. The first 3 rounds I missed the wolf, he did seem to be a bit more agile than that training dummy, that’s for sure! I blame Bandalf for making the staff this slippery! I swear it had nothing to do with my sweaty hands!
The wolf had a nasty bite, but in the end I came out victorious! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t manage to get any meat or wolf skin from him, but at least I survived my first battle.
Further along the road I encountered a Leprechaun which requested a very special item from me. I had yet to gather any herbs, but I promised I would let him know if I encountered any.
I traveled further at a steady pace and all seemed to go well. According to the map I was getting closer to the grail Monastery so I became excited and started walking even faster. Unfortunately I must have made way too much noise as I first attracted another wolf and later on a petty thug. Both were fairly doable battles, but they still managed to get a bit closer than I liked and I wasn’t exactly fully healthy when I started. When I inspected my wounds it didn’t look so good at all. so I decided I had to take care of my wounds before they got infected or worse... I might stumble into another fight. Good thing I listened to the advice to bring a healing potion with me!
The healing potion didn’t fully heal me, but there was no way to safely return to Sarmiz as I was getting quite tires. Besides who knows what I might encounter when trying to return. Of course I also had to proof those guards wrong! So onwards I went in the direction of the Monastery; which according to my map should be fairly close.
Imagine how relieved I was when I saw the sign pointing to the Monastery!
I took a deep breath and walked straight to the gate. All ready to deliver my letter and to look for a hot bath and comfortable bed.

Right before the gate I was intercepted by a mean looking thug who tried to convince me to depart from the letter I was meant to deliver. I gently tried to send him away, but he kept on demanding the letter.

Once again I had to fight for my life. As I was already bleeding from several wounds when entering the battle it was a tough one. He managed to evade many of my hits and wounded me badly. In the end I was victorious and managed to crawl into the town gate to deliver the letter. However this came at a high price.
I was so badly wounded that I was in no condition to travel further. I spent the first 2 days in the hospital regenerating my health, but with my low regenerating skills and limited energy there was only so much my body would recover per day.  At this rate I would be stuck here for an entire week!
As the healer was absent in the grail monastery I had to beg Lord Arogandor to hire a healer again so I could hire his services. Unfortunately this healer came at a high price so I had to spend most of my silver to let him treat my wounds.

My dreams of buying a cow this trip got shattered that day.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:07 pm

Episode 5

A little disappointed after my first trip, but at least in good health I left the Monastery. As a visit to Camaar would be useless I decided to head for the mines instead. In the tavern were all these stories being told about once poor grail seekers who earned a fortune in the mines. Who knows, I could be one of them! Living in the mines sounded awful, but at least I could earn a little pocket money to start working on my alchemy career.
Relatively unscratched I managed to reach the mines. Luckily I had thought about putting my pickaxe in my tool belt! Not like I had many other tools to bring with me anyway, but it would have been a terrible start to try to gather those iron ores with my butchers knife!
Inexperienced as I was, I just started hacking away at those rocks hoping to find those valued iron ores. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why people paid iron miners so much. A huge rock hit my head and almost knocked me unconscious. Finding a couple of bronze coins, certainly didn’t ease my pain much!
Exhausted I fell asleep in the mines and realized this was not such a good place for me after all. The next morning I awoke refreshed, but still in pain and decided to head home to heal.
Luckily I didn’t encounter much trouble on my way home.
With only a couple of iron ores on me and still short on cash hiring another healer was a bad idea. So I stayed in town for a couple of days to recover slowly. Taking it slowly for a couple of days seemed to pay off, as I was starting to recover faster than before. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all to let my wounds heal more naturally. Certainly was a lot cheaper!

When I was fully recovered I felt it was time to head out of town again for some fresh air. I had a small chat with a fisherman in town who asked me to catch some fish for him. Sounded like a fun and peaceful task, so off I went to the shore. Good thing he gave me his fishing rod, because I wouldn’t even know where to get one in Sarmiz!

Armed with my newly acquired fishing rod I set off to the shore. By lack of a road to the shore, I waded through the high grass, sneaking silently past anyone who might try to attack me.
Once I arrived at the shore I had a good look around and realized I could also pick herbs here. Shame I just didn’t have a herb bag yet. I sat down at the edge and threw out my fishing rod. The silence was almost overwhelming and the wait so long I almost fell asleep. Or maybe I did, because by the time I opened my eyes again the bait was gone and still no fish to be seen!
The next attempt I tried to pay a bit more attention. I endlessly stared at the water, waiting for something to happen. Needless to say I did doze off again or at least got startled when I heard a melodic voice from the water. I pulled up my way to heavy fishing rod (or at least tried to) and found a mermaid stuck in the wire!

I had heard stories from my brother Ulric about fisherman catching mermaids and getting great rewards from them when capturing them alive. Assuming they lived to tell the tale... However they all said that to find one was rare, to capture one almost impossible.
I had always written off the existence of mermaids to old wives tales told to young adolescent boys to teach them to stay away from the waters. The story varied from time to time, but always contained something along the essence of do not get to close to the water or a mermaid might seduce you into a death's kiss.

Imagine my surprise and major concerns for my health when I saw her all tangled up up in my fishing line. Pleading me to release her, promising me great rewards if I would only set her free. Her melodic voice almost soothed my worries, but I realized she might have given stronger fishers than me a sailor's death. Possibly including my own father who had been thrown overboard during a storm and he had been way to experienced to be caught unaware.

Because I had never caught any alive fish before, let alone a mermaid, I decided not to take any chances with catching her, but to set her free. When I made it clear to her I would try to release her she smiled a dreamy smile and gestured me closer. I grabbed my butchers knife to cut her free hoping for a nice reward. She gave me a small bundle as a reward and quickly swam away. I opened it and found 2 meager fish inside!
When I stepped out of the water to get back to the shore I got attacked by a very hungry looking Slaughterfish who most likely was going to try to honour its name! I cursed the mermaid I had just released and retreated back towards the shore and ran home as fast as I could. I had so not signed up for this when I promised to go catch some fish! Whoever said fishing was peaceful and good to raise your mood must have tried it at a less barbaric fishing location.I promised myself that that mermaid would so not get another chance to cheat me this way.

When I emptied my wet pockets at home I found the 2 fish she had given me. I laughed and realized I had at least managed to catch 2 fish at once! Besides, I had met a mermaid and even lived to tell the tale! Maybe it hadn’t been such a bad day after all.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:08 pm

Episode 6

After my little trip to the shore I thought it was about time to start my herb collection. I had almost been living in town for 2 months and had yet to pick my first herb.
When I discussed this with Axel in the tavern he offered me a grail herb bag to start collecting the best quality of herbs. I gladly accepted the grail herb bag, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I had just sold my soul to the devil. Would it really have been so different to start with a cheap herb bag? I had a look at the market, but couldn’t find any. Not like I would have been able to afford it that easily, but it would have given me a better feeling if I had bought it myself.
Then I realized that if Axel was the devil or some sort of Rumpelstiltskin, there was nothing he could desire from me anyway since I was broke and I had no wish to have children anyway, so I could safely promise my firstborn if he asked, but still… I was a bit hesitant about accepting hand outs, you never know if there might be some sort of catch later on.
So in the end I gave in and accepted the herb bag. After packing some “fresh” breads (or what once would have been considered fresh) I headed out to the forest close to Sarmiz.

After a surprisingly pleasant and most of all peaceful trip I arrived at the forest North of Sarmiz and made camp at the edge of the forest. Since I had no clue about the types of herbs I could find and the value and use of each herb I decided I would keep all my herbs till I had had some time to study some herbology lore and figure out the alchemy recipes.
I spent the night at the edge of the forest, sleeping under the stars. I didn’t have any blanket or sleepingbag with me, but luckily it wasn’t to cold and no creatures disturbed me during the night. I awoke refreshed and picked some more herbs the next morning.

I collected a lot of different herbs from nettle to red berries and from vitalizing gold flowers to willow anther. I wasn’t sure what those vitalizing gold flowers were for yet, heck I didn’t even know what they were named when I found them, but they looked so pretty I decided to collect as many as I could.
The red berries smelled very sweet and I had a feeling they might have some healing properties or at least should taste delicious. Of course my herb lore knowledge was very limited, so these berries could as well have been poisonous, but I had a bit of faith that they would work out well. Just not enough to try eating them right away, because I’d rather not risk any more liver damage than I might have gotten already in the tavern.
I had heard these stories about recipes that could be used to fatten up pigs, but if you did it wrong, the pig would explode. Not something I’d like to risk with anything I could consume myself!

Between all these various herbs I picked I even found a single four leaf clover. I remembered the leprechaun that had asked me for it, but he hadn’t given me any details on how to reach him if I found it. So I headed home looking for the leprechaun.

When I arrived home and asked around it turned out he certainly wasn’t living in Sarmiz and he wasn’t a regular tavern visitor either. When I asked further it turned out nobody had a clue where he lived or how to contact him. Most people just encountered him while traveling, either on the road or just popping out of high grass. Made sense considering he was looking for four leaf clovers, but still…
A bit of a disappointment, but I was certain I would encounter him eventually during my travels!

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Post by Aglarele Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:38 am

Episode 7

After my trip to the forest I headed home to do some jobs for the town and find some easy tasks in the labourhall. About time to recover some of the silver I had lost in the Monastery!
Broke as I was I wasn’t to picky on jobs and did pretty much anything from breeding chickens to stirring barrels of beer and from brewing potions for Axel & Cae to sewing blankets. I was very inexperienced with needles, so I hoped nobody would inspect my work to closely or I might get some complaints later on.

The next morning I woke up and walked out of the house.
With my pockets filled with some silver coins I stood still at my empty ranch. Where there were once two lively chickens playing tag with each other, was now just a sad empty space of nothingness. After a careful inspection it turned out that the wooden fence was still in good order. After some very thorough cleaning the ranch was in good shape again. Or at least I think I managed to get rid of most of the bloodstains!
My ranch was ready to become a cheerful place again with happy chickens to provide me with some delicious fresh eggs.

In a good mood I headed to Iron Guard the ranch overseer of Sarmiz to buy some baby chickens. When I arrived there I found a baby cow for sale! I didn’t even dare to haggle with Iron Guard about the price, but quickly paid the requested fee before someone else could snatch her away.
I gave her a good spot in my ranch and brushed her gently. She looked a little lonely so I headed back to Iron Guard the ranch overseer and bought a newly hatched chick to keep her company. Maybe not the ideal company for a calf, but it was the best companion that I could afford.
To replenish my spent silver I settled for another day of doing jobs in the labourhall. When I checked in at the stables later in the evening I found them both sound asleep. The chick resting on the calf's belly, so it looked like I had made a good choice.

Afterwards I went to the tavern to celebrate. I had finally bought my first cow, that seemed like a good reason for a big celebration!
When I arrived there Axel had a nice surprise for me. He had arranged a nice soft master bed for me to sleep in. Obviously I had to verify first if I was required to share said bed, but it was meant just for me! I gracefully accepted the gift (I had already sold my soul anyway) and placed it in my home.
The celebration for my first cow lasted all night and I got home very drunk. I’m not quite sure what exactly happened that night but I woke up in the stable the next morning!
My calf was softly nuzzling my face to see if I was still alive and the baby chick was playing with my toes. Luckily I had only a minor headache, but did wonder why I hadn’t slept in my bed. Must have been quite a funny sight, me with my hair full of hay, my clothes covered in straw and the calf hovering over me as if she was trying to eat me.

It seems Axel didn’t realize he should have given me instructions on how to sleep in my new bed. After all, I had never owned my own bed before and was used to sleeping in fishing boats and stables.
It should have been obvious, but of course I had been way to drunk to think about setting up the bed properly so I could crawl into it...

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Post by Aglarele Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:57 am

Episode 8

After my latest hospital disaster in the Monastery I had been looking into better ways of healing my wounds. I had already discovered that regeneration at the hospital was a good way (and much cheaper!) way of healing, so I wanted to work on this skill as it might come in useful later on.

After feeding my calf and baby chick I walked to the Hospital to work on regeneration. The master healer JaramyWarren looked me up and down and shooed me away. I shouldn’t waste the hospital's time when I was perfectly healthy!
So how does one work on their regeneration skill while not being wounded I asked? He shrugged and told me that such things were not part of his job. He would just patch people up if needed or facilitate a room where you could heal your wounds yourself. I thought about it for a moment and decided that this was probably for the best.
I wasn’t sure if I would be able to trust a master healer that could just as easily poison me or stab me half to death as heal me.

From the hospital I walked to the barracks looking for someone to brawl with. First I asked them to spar with me, but they refused to practice with a civilian.
Then I grabbed my walking stick and poked them, tickled them and even threw some acorns at them. Anything to tempt them into attacking me. They must have been drilled very well as they wouldn’t even raise their fist against me. They either didn’t want to have a tale told about wounding a female civilian or thought it was just some test from their captain to see if they would break the rules. I did hear some gossip about the captain looking for soldiers for the infamous nightshift.
One of them did confide in me that he had heard a wolf howl at night. He pointed to the town gate and grinned, maybe you could find me a nice wolf pelt? A very strange grin with some very crooked teeth.
I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, but it seemed like the best idea I had heard so far today.

So I walked to the town gate and put my first steps out of town looking for that wolf, but it was nowhere to be seen. When I walked a bit further on the road I stumbled upon a deer. Bambi looked so cute, but I remembered the warning from the experienced travellers in the tavern. “If you see Bambi, don’t look behind, just run for your life!”
I stood still for several minutes trying to decide if I should retreat or risk it. When I observed the deer for a while I realized bambi did not look that strong. Besides, I had gained some experience in combat and collected some extra armour since the first time I ventured out of town.
So I screamed loudly to hide my insecurity and charged forward. Poor bambi never even stood a chance! Sadly I didn’t manage to collect any meat from him. Would have been tasty to get some deer meat. I examined my wounds and realized I only had a few scratches. Proudly I turned around to head home. Now the master healer would have to let me work on my regeneration skill.

But then, only a few steps before the town gates I encounter a filthy thug! He is at least a head taller than I am and probably double as strong. Frozen in fear I try to retreat and see him second for second get closer to me. In panic I scream for help from the town guard, but he doesn’t seem to hear me. I can hear my heart beat loudly in my chest and try to retreat as fast as I can.
After several seconds that seem to last forever I can smell his stinking breath and become terrified.
I see his dagger come closer while he aims, all ready to strike and kill. I scream for help again and I hear him whisper “if you cooperate dearie your death won’t have to hurt.” Much! He laughs foully and shows some very crooked teeth.
Right before his dagger closes in on my throat I manage to flee and charge towards the town gates.
I ran straight into the arms of a very surprised town guard who fell over with me on top of him. Then he spots the Filthy Villain behind me and quickly closes the town gates.

The town guard was so worried he escorted me over to the hospital where JaramyWarren quickly inspected my wounds. He shrugs and muttered something like “crazy people, all of them. Looking for danger for regeneration” and directed me to my own room.
I was so badly in shock that I barely realized that I had to spend so little energy to heal my wounds. The physical ones that is.

What a day!
When I arrive home I am so tired that I crawl into bed without even visiting the tavern.
I fall asleep quickly in my new bed, but don't sleep to peacefully. In my dreams I see this face with crooked teeth. Taunting me to venture out of town.
He'll be waiting for me, somewhere out there looking for my blood...

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Post by Aglarele Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:44 pm

Episode 9

After yesterday's escapade I didn’t want to lose face and hide in town like a coward so I put on my armour again to venture out of town. I wasn’t sure if I would be back the same day, so I hired Porkard to take care of my chickens for the next 2 days.
I did want to be a bit more careful this time though, so I hired a mercenary to accompany me.
My questbook needed some undusting, but it was still in good shape. I really shouldn’t store it so close to my chickens! Skipping through some pages of unfinished quests I found the one about the weekly errand. I took a quick inventory of the items in my residence, but it turned out I was one item short. As I wouldn’t be able to complete the errand until I had all items with me I would have to collect the last part first. It was some herb I had never even heard about, let alone seen it. Rumor has it, it would grow around water.
So I headed off to the docks first to find it. I was really glad I had the mercenary with me, as we encountered a rabid wolf on the way there. Even with the two of us together it still took us several rounds to defeat it. We left the fight with several scratches and bitemarks, but we did come out victorious!

Not to far from that I found a good location at the shore where herbs were growing.
I spent hours picking herbs there, but I was failing hopelessly to find the one I was looking for. Luckily Framer_ted heard my frustrated sounds all the way from the tavern and offered to help me with the last ingredient so I could finish my errand after all. So I sorted the herbs I did collect and headed to the Monastery. On my way there I encountered a hungry cleric who asked for a bread. He seemed kind enough so I gave him one of my spare fresh breads. He was so grateful for the bread that he treated the claw marks the wolf had caused. Good thing too as you never know what sort of infections these wolves carry around!

Upon arrival in the Monastery I quickly picked up the last herbs from ted and wandered through town looking for the location to hand in my items for the weekly errand. I checked all ads at the labourhall, but there they were only looking for helping hands. The Office and Hall didn’t seem quite right either.
I even tried to enter Lord Arogandors office at the the Grail Castle but got blocked by 2 angry looking guards who told me I had no business there. Couldn’t they have told me that before I climbed up several stairs? 479 Steps in total, that alone was quite a workout!
Out of breath as I was I didn’t even manage to dodge the guard who pushed me off the stairs and helplessly rolled off the stairs all the way down. How rude! I should really talk with Lord Arogandor about this! Maybe he can re-assign the guard to clean up after Udgar for a while to teach him a lesson.

Desperately looking for guidance on how to complete my first errand I opened my quest book. Guess I should have done this before walking around the Monastery as it had some notes scribbled on with directions on where to hand in the resources. It looked quite suspicious but in the end I did get paid a nice amount of bronze, some grail tokens and I felt energized again. My ego was still a bit bruised from being thrown off the stairs but this accomplishment gave me quite an energy boost.

Only took me 65 days to complete my first errand, so I considered that a pretty good start. Sure, the road to travel there wasn’t that well maintained so it would take me almost a full day of traveling. Especially if I also had to dodge and outrun that filthy villain as well. But still...
It certainly might be worthwhile to do these errands more often!

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Post by Aglarele Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:04 am

Episode 10

After leaving the Monastery I encountered a Free Company soldier named Robin who asked me for work. He only asked for a payment of 40 bronze for 3 days, so this was really cheap. Especially compared to the nameless Mercenary who asked me for 30 bronze a day. Let alone the taxes of 10 bronze I needed to pay to the town to get him a pass to leave the gates.
So I verified with him if he really meant 40 bronze as a total price for 3 entire days. He nodded and said he was glad to join my company to have an opportunity to work again.
This sounded suspicious so I asked him in whispers if he was running from anyone or in some sort of trouble. Maybe he was looking for protection himself? Not like we would be able to run if his trouble caught up with us!
He ensured me was just looking for an honest job, but preferred to freelance so he wouldn’t risk being hired by drunk people in town who would force him to carry their inventory chest or feed their pigs.
I smiled, handed him 40 bronze and welcomed him to join us.

So with the 3 of us we traveled the road together. The sun was shining and everything seemed peaceful.
At the entrance of the forest we are greeted by the same traveling cleric that we met when traveling to the Monastery. I asked him where he was heading and if he would like to travel along with us to Sarmiz. He politely declined and told me he prefers to travel the roads alone. He doesn’t want to scare the lost sheep away by traveling in the company of so many weapons. I pondered about this “lost sheep” statement for a bit and asked if he needed help to find them.
He informed me he had just found one and if I would mind sharing a bread with him. I handed him another bread and told him that I hoped his sheep would enjoy it.
He looked at me strangely but thanked me nonetheless. Quietly he inspected my wounds and applied another bandage. He told me to be careful on the roads and we parted ways again.

He’s barely out of sight right when I managed to step into a huge spider nest. An enormous spider crawled out and raised up his front legs to attack me. I quickly dug up my creature lore book and tried to identify it. Who knows how poisonous this spider might be. I wouldn’t want to risk fighting him if one bite could kill me!
Attempt after attempt I failed to identify him as he doesn’t seem to match with any creature in the book. This took so much energy that I became nervous that I might not have any energy left to outrun him if need be.
Finally I discovered his species in the book and identified him as a Giant spider!
According to the book Giant spiders are just like small spiders so I just needed bigger boots for them. I looked at my bare feet and realized I wasn’t wearing any. I swallowed a curse and put the useless book away.

The spider had been watching my attempts to identify him with a combined mix of curiosity, amusement and annoyance. Or at least that’s how I interpreted his threatening front legs and moving eyes. Who knows what a spider might really think?
There was no way to back out now, so I grabbed my staff and charged forwards with the Mercenary and Free Company solder right behind me. With the 3 of us we quickly defeated the giant spider so we could move on.
Unfortunately this giant spider had another relative who was waiting for us to take revenge. I didn’t bother to try to identify it. Together we just charged forward to kill him so we could get rid of him quickly before he could try to summon more family.

During these battles the sun had vanished and it started to become dark. I knew I would never manage to arrive home before nighttime. So I set up my tent to spend the night in the forest. As I had a little energy left I picked some herbs under the moonlight before I went to sleep.
With 2 strong guys standing watch I should be able to sleep well tonight!

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Post by Aglarele Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:43 pm

Episode 11

The following morning I woke up refreshed in the forest, Robin had made a campfire to keep us warm and was trying to prepare breakfast. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook outside my own kitchen (sadly they wouldn’t even let me cook in my hotel room in the Monastery), but he was trying nonetheless. Needless to say that he failed badly, but it wasn’t for his lack of attempts.
As I still had my herb bag with me, I picked a few herbs around the camp. There were certainly a lot of different common herbs to be found. When I stashed my herbs away I discovered that I had also packed my logging axe, so I cut a couple of trees as well. I knew some spare wood would come in handy eventually.
When I got attacked by an angry squirrel (who was none too happy I had just cut down his favourite tree!) I got a little homesick and hurried back to Sarmiz to see how my cow and chicken were faring under the care of the pig tenderer.
Seems I was worried for nothing because they were both sound asleep and well fed.

Relieved I headed to the tavern for a drink. One drink turned into a couple and somehow I lost count.
When I tried to get home safely (I swear I was only slightly tipsy!) I suddenly fell in a ditch. The Mercenary who was still with me for the evening laughed loudly. Robin looked a bit annoyed, but at least offered me an arm to help me up. He was even kind enough to offer me a handkerchief to clean up. When cleaning the dirt from my face I noticed a small coin purse. Other than the three of us there was nobody around to reclaim it, so I assumed nobody was missing it.
Inside I found 1 silver and 74 bronze. The mercenary stopped laughing and frowned at his bad luck for not finding it himself. Not like he would be allowed to keep it while being in my service, but one could wonder if he would stick to those rules. Brute mercenaries are certainly not known for their honour.

As his service was about to end anyway I dismissed him and entered my house.
There I shared an omelet with the Robin the free soldier who would still accompany me tomorrow. Luckily he didn’t mind sleeping in the barn, it was the best I had to offer while my house only had one bed. It was better than he was used too while traveling and he didn’t even have to stand watch.

When I woke up I headed to the barn to feed my cow and chicken. Robin was already up and training his combat moves. He asked me about the name of my animals and I realized I had neglected to ask Iron Guard about this. Embarrassed I asked him if he had any good ideas and he asked if I had any family, friends or past animals I could name them for.
For the first time in months I thought about my former family again.*

My youngest sister Alys would be 6 years old by now, would she even remember her sister Aglarele who took care of her the first years of her life?
My sister Arabella would be 9 years old by now and be well on her way to turn into a proper lady. Or at least follow Isolde’s example on what a baker’s daughter thought regarding how a lady should behave. Not like she had ever met anyone noble born in her life.
I felt a pang of regret for not saying goodbye to Ulric my eldest brother, but could he blame me for vanishing while his wife Isolde had been using the oldest tricks in the book to remove me from his life? I do hope life goes well for him.
The whereabouts of my brother Tristan were still a mystery to me. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I still had some hope of finding him. I would certainly keep my eyes open and hope I would still recognise him.
Then I remembered my goat Mika who had been my companion for so many years. How I regretted that I had let him in sleep in Ulrics barn from time to time. How could I have thought that it would be a safer place then sleeping with me in the harbor. Oh, I had been so wrong.
I wiped away a tear and hoped he wouldn’t notice it.

Naming my animals to any of them seemed like pretty bad luck to me. In the end I decided to go for the name Alina for my cow and named my chicken Cara.
They both seemed to agree on these names (or at least didn’t seem bothered with it), so we left them be for the day to head out of town.

As soon as we left town we got trapped by that Filthy Villain that had been stalking me before. We didn’t feel up for facing him with just the two of us, so we retreated back to town. I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or not that I turned out to be good at retreating from that guy. One day that day would come when I didn’t have to retreat from him and take my revenge!

After waiting for a while we decided to risk it again.
The Filthy Villain was nowhere to be seen, but out of nowhere a lost goblin appeared.
He didn’t look that strong, but it seems I had misjudged him. He was a lot stronger than he seemed and even with our combined forces we didn’t do as much damage to him as I hoped.
Strike after strike we wounded him, but he wounded me even worse. I kept on hoping we would win, but the longer the fight dragged on, the more unlikely it became.
By time he was remotely close to defeat, I was already on the edge of dieing.
We barely managed to retreat and Robin dragged me over to the hospital.

Luckily I hadn’t been to active that morning, so I had some energy left to spend on regenerating my health.

At the end of the evening Robin bid me farewell and told me he had to leave town.
Our contract was about to expire and he wouldn’t be allowed to stay in town without a permit. Only registered grail seekers would be welcome to spend the night in a hotel room.
I asked him if I could extend the contract, but he shook his head and told me that the town guard would call this invalid and only signed off on contracts for mercenaries who would bring in town taxes.

A little disappointed I wished him good luck on his travels and wondered if I should be happy he got me away in time from the lost goblin or angry that he didn’t do more to win the fight.
This also left me wondering if things would have been different if I had tried to identify the creature before the fight. Would I still have attacked it so foolishly?

This day had turned out so differently than I expected!

*: My journal begins when I entered the grail realm, but some family history can be found in my grail realm profile page.

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Post by Aglarele Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:45 am

Episode 12

After the fight with that lost goblin I wasn’t physically fit to do much. So the next couple of days I was in and out of the hospital. I was really lucky that I hadn’t fully collapsed during that fight, otherwise I would have had to rely on the Sarmiz healer to cure me. Who knows how long that would have taken. Or would he have been glad to finally have someone to practice on? Either way it was not something I was too eager to try out.

My cow Alina and my chicken Cara seemed to be happy enough with the company. They certainly did their best to cheer me up.
When I felt a little better I started helping out in town again. I worked on the town wheat farm for a bit, but this seemed to drain my energy badly.

After a couple of days my wounds slowly started to mend and I was able to lend a hand here and there by stirring some healing potions and some barrels of beer for Axel.

When I visited the tavern one night Galth and I discussed how we could bring some more life into Sarmiz. The townsquare was looking a bit empty and we thought it would be good to get some town activity again. Attract traders to settle into town, more craftsman praising their wares and as in every normal town, visitors buying foods or other wares and children playing around the townsquare.
Politics was a subject I would stay away from, but I did always enjoy a good conversation in the tavern and having some drinks with friends and strangers that might one day become friends. The more reason to attract new people to the tavern without getting myself into trouble due to becoming part of town management.

We discussed all the things we could do with the Sarmiz newspaper and I showed him my journal I had just started writing. I was months behind with recollecting all the events that had happened, but I had made a start to write them out. Who knows, some new people settling in town might even be able to learn from it and avoid mistakes I had made and for the others it might trigger some fond memories of their past. As Sarmiz was a very young town, very few people had lived here for long. For some it was the first town they settled in and others had moved here from Camaar or Spero.
I thought it would be great to put some citizens in the spotlight like Wanjia with his horse emperium or mayor Cae Indru and all those others I hadn’t really met yet because they were always hiding in the shadows. I couldn’t be the only one who failed to meet others in town due to being too shy to send my pigeon after them all or because they quickly drank their beers in the tavern to run out again before they could be approached.
It could also be nice to welcome some new members of the Sarmiz community to make them feel at home. Everyone in such a small town community is important, from the oldest to the youngest.
After all, the elders might not be around forever and one day in the far future our current youngsters will be the new elders.

While staying in town to heal my wounds I certainly had plenty of time to catch up on my journal and ponder about this issue.
I had yet to visit any other town than the Monastery, so I had no clue how life would be in Camaar or Spero.

One day I would visit these towns to find out!

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Post by Aglarele Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:09 pm

Episode 13

One day I got a visit from the farm overseer who notified me that my farm had been ploughed. I had completely forgotten that I had put out an ad for that when I left for the Monastery!
He told me that he had paid the workers the agreed fee and my farm was ready to be sowed. When I asked him who had worked on the farm he only remembered Wanjia, darutek and Tehepicdude had been present, but there might have been more.

I didn’t feel fit enough to sow the entire farmland myself, but I didn’t dare to take the risk of weeds taking root in my freshly ploughed fertile grounds either. Who knows what chaos I would find if I left the ground like that for too long!
As I was in no shape yet to work on the land myself I placed another ad for people to sow the land. Luckily Darutek, Drakonkrabas & Promi were happy to help out, so my farm was sowed in no time. Great to see how much faster farming can be with a little help!

After a couple of days of taking it easy around my house I started to feel better so I headed to the town wheat farm to help out. I thought it would be a good gesture of my gratitude to the town for the help I had gotten with my own farm. After all, the more work we would put in the town farms, the more we would profit from our personal farms in the end.
When I got home, completely drained from all the work at the town farm I heard quite some nice coming from the barn. When I entered the barn my cow Alina and my chicken Cara were looking up at me expectantly. I silently cursed myself and realized I hadn’t fed them yet before heading off to work on the town farm. I felt so guilty that I cursed myself for forgetting them. How could I have done that?!
I checked around to see if I could hire someone to feed them, but Porkard* informed me that he would not have time till tomorrow. I couldn’t let them down so I quietly grabbed a stamina potion which I could drink to regain more than enough energy to feed them.
On one side of my shoulder I could hear someone who sounded quite like Galth yelling at me that I was throwing away 25 silver to feed 2 animals who would probably be fine without food for a day, on the other side I could hear an unrecognisable female voice telling me to take good care of my animals as they had been providing me with lots of ingredients for my own food.
I silenced the Galth voice and decided to listen to the unknown female voice which might have been my own conscience. I quickly drained the stamina potion before the Galth voice could regain its strength. With renewed energy I grab the food for my animals and give them a proper amount of food for today. Hungrily they attacked the food and I smile when they look very content afterwards. Cara even drops me a couple of eggs and a long feather.

I pick up the feather and rummage through my pockets to find some parchment and ink. I sit down in the hay and start writing down my adventures.
So much has happened over the past couple of months!

*=Post journal note: it seems I misunderstood Porkard and I could have hired him for the same day.
This might explain why he looked at me a bit strangely the next day.

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Post by Aglarele Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:16 pm

Episode 14

This morning I woke up and found a special announcement waiting for me. I had earned my very first honour for writing for the Sarmiz Chronicle! I was stunned and never realized honour could be granted for something as simple as this. Would be great to wake up with a little more energy every day from now on!

In a very good mood I peeked out of town and all looked peaceful. The birds were humming softly and the crickets were chirping happily. Today seemed like a good day to head out of town alone, walk to the monastery and buy the last wheat I needed for my weekly errand and be back home again before dinner.
A few steps out of town I a giant rat snuck up on me. I had honestly no clue how I could have overlooked that one, but there it it was! A few well aimed hits with my walking stick and the giant rat was no longer squeaking at me.

Unfortunately I must have made such a noise while hitting that giant rat that I attracted an angry bear as soon as I entered the forest! He roared at me in anger as if I had just killed his very best friend. He didn’t leave me much time to think about this as he charged forward, ready to maul me and send me straight to some unnamed grave in the forest where nobody would ever find me. He looked way too strong for me to overpower him or at least not if I wanted to live to tell the tale so I tried to retreat. After several attempts I finally managed to get away from him.
After a couple of minutes of catching my breath I dared to continue again. I wasn’t sure if this rat had more friends or had sent out some sort of rat alert, but the entire world seemed out to get me. On the road to the Monastery I was assaulted by two deers, a broad boar and another angry bear!
When I finally managed to arrive in one piece at the Monastery I had to refrain myself from trying to dodge the guard. I was so terrified of everything that moved, that by time I arrived at the Monastery I even feared that the guard might be out there to kill me as well.

After having lunch and a beer I was feeling more comfortable again and approached the town guard to apologize. He introduced himself as “Bowen” and waved off my apology. He had seen stranger things happen during his duty and was glad he didn’t have to arrest me for trying to sneak in. Feeling a bit better, but still slightly ashamed, I headed off to the market to buy some wheat.

Due to the weekly errand wheat was in high demand, so the price in the Monastery reflected this. Had I checked the price in Sarmiz before I left? I wondered out loud, but couldn’t find the answer. I shrugged and realized it was no use to ask myself these questions as there was no way I would return to Sarmiz to buy it there anyway considering the amount of energy this return trip would take. Not even to mention about the unsafe roads.
I wondered if the reward was even worth it, but I also realized I had come this far to do this errand, so I should just get it over wit so I could be on my way again and be home in time for dinner.

So I counted my bronze coins, bought 3 wheat and handed this in together with 3 bittergreen petals and 3 meat. The other things I had collected myself, so considering that I got them for “free” the reward wasn’t that bad. With renewed energy I packed my things and got ready to walk home.

When I passed the gate to leave town Bowen was still on duty. He grinned at me and wished me safe travels back. Luckily the fog which had caused me to become so spooked to see him as the boogieman was no more.
Even though I would never forget his face and name again, in my mind however, I would always remember him as “Boogie”.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:12 am

Episode 15

After saying goodbye to Boogie Bowen I headed home to Sarmiz.
Luckily I was feeling much better after having a decent lunch (or maybe it was the beer), but either way I was ready to face the world again.
Armed with my walkingstick I set foot on the roads that didn’t seem quite as bad as they had earlier in the morning fog.

Of course the roads didn’t stay peaceful very long and before I realized it, I was facing a giant bat in a dark corner of the forest. I’m not sure if I was imagining it or not, but it seemed very interested in getting as close to my neck as possible. Very unusual batlike behaviour. Normally they just bit me wherever they could. Using my walking stick to keep him as far away from me as as I could manage we battled for what seemed like hours. Hit after hit I wounded him a little more, but his determination to bite me was extraordinary. Not even to mention that his moves seemed almost calculated and very precise.

Round after round I tried to hit him with my walking stick and started to appreciate it was using a more long ranged weapon than a dagger. It would have been near impossible to keep a good distance between us with a sword or anything shorter!
After what seemed like hours I finally managed to knock him out.

Afterwards I inspected it’s corpse. It really was a giant bat, but it seemed to have some eerily human like shape.
Even though I normally didn’t bother to bury killed creatures as the scavengers of the realm didn’t seem to mind to clean up after me I felt uncomfortable to leave the corpse like this.

So I tried to arrange some sort of a grave (as well as I could without a shovel) and looked around for a branch. I grabbed my butcher’s knife to sharpen the branch and made some sort of a stake out of it. I used the stake and drove it right through it’s belly to pin the creature to the ground just to ensure it wouldn’t get up anymore to haunt me.
I didn’t realize it at the time but now thinking back on this while it’s so close to Samhain I wonder if the Nosferatu myth has some truth to it after all.

By the time I was done with this the twilight hours had creeped up on me and I quickly continued my journey. I’d rather not be caught unaware in the complete dark in the forest!

I was almost relieved to see that the thug who assaulted me to demand my errand money was just a mere human. After several rounds of swinging my walking stick at him (and hitting lots of trees in the process instead) I finally hit him in the head which killed him. As the last rays of sunlight were leaving I left his corpse for the crows and walked on. There was just no time to bury him or even cover the body.

Unfortunately even this battle had already delayed me so badly that I had to stumble on in the dark to reach the end of the forest. This caused me to bump into a broad boar who had been there just minding it’s own business. It didn’t accept my apology and my lullaby to sing it back to sleep only seemed to anger it even more. As he charged forward to defend his territory I had no choice but to fight him.
As the fight wore on and on I realized how exhausted I was from the events this morning and my fight with the giant bat and thug.
After every hit it became more and more clear that I could not win this fight and if I was to continue someone would find my corpse somewhere close to the road in the morning. If there was even something left to find after the scavengers were done with me.

Since the boar would not accept my apology or attempt to surrender, I tried to retreat. It kept on charging forwards, while I backed away. After several steps I stumbled over a tree and landed on the ground. In the distance I heard something which sounded like a piglet screaming in terror. The boar must have heard this as well as it left me be and ran back to the location where I had found it. Several more piglets starting screaming for what must have been their mommy.

I grabbed my things and tiptoed away as silent as I could. In the background I heard the piglets cry out once more before the screaming died out. When I looked over my shoulder I saw the boar charge something which seemed like a giant humanlike bat covered in blood.
For a split second I was glad I had not managed to kill the boar and charged forward heading home abandoning all attempts to run quietly.

Not even once did I dare to look back until I arrived back in Sarmiz and heard the guards close the gates behind me.

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Post by Aglarele Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:58 pm

Episode 16

The next couple of days I spent in town. Slowly recovering from my wounds, drinking milk to strengthen my bones and taking care of my animals. When the opportunity rose I helped to take care of a baby pig that was almost ready for adoption. I hoped this would ease my conscience about the piglets that had died during the events last night, but as soon as I heard him squeal I knew I would never be able to forget the squealing of those piglets. The sound that sliced through the air, voices of helpless creatures begging for help in the darkest night that would end their short lives.. The memory alone made me shiver and I could feel the cold seep deep into my bones.
I put the piglet down and realized now would not be a good time to adopt this little guy. I vowed I would not adopt any pigs myself until I had proven to myself that I could take good care of it. Sure, I wouldn’t let the pig die naturally, but at least I should take care of it, raise it well, protect it and ensure no harm would be done to it until it’s last days were due and it was about to die of old age anyway.
Miserably as I felt I went into the tavern for some more cheerful company. Rerun was in a good mood and felt like sharing it with the rest of us. The beer was flowing well and I headed home quite tipsy.

The next day I felt much more confident and decided to get some fresh air out of town.
I grabbed my herb bag and headed to the shore to gather some herbs. All seemed peaceful and I found a lot of various herbs. I wasn’t sure yet for which potions they would be used, but I was certain they would prove to be useful some time. Lets just hope I don’t need them to actually be fresh when I finally do use them!
With my basket full of herbs I felt pleased and ready to go home. My clothes were wet from standing in the water to collect seaweed, so I would be glad to dry them at home. I turned around to leave the water and stood face to face with a slaughterfish! It surged towards me with his big jaws ready to bite a good chunk out of me! He wasn’t exactly large, but big enough to do me some serious harm. After several attempts I finally managed to retreat and was glad to be back at solid ground. If only I had known that such fish were lurking in the waters around Sarmiz!

I double checked my bags and was glad to see I had not lost any herbs that I just collected. A bit weary I headed home. Unfortunately there is no path from the shore to Sarmiz so I had to wade through high grass to reach town. If only there had been a path I might have noticed that I was being followed by a wolf! He overtook me halfway to town and ran straight at me. Frozen in fear I forgot I could have retreated so when he charged at me me I was defenseless at first. After the first bite my self preservation overtook my fear and I started hitting him with my staff to get him off me. It took quite some time (and several more bites) but in the end I was victorious!

My clothes were now soaked with both water and blood and exhausted as I was I wanted to get home desperately.
More crawling than walking I dragged myself through the grass praying to whatever God that would listen not to let me encounter anything else on my way home.

Then another disaster happened.
With the western town wall in view my body collapsed.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not get myself up to take that last final step. Just one more step would be enough. Just one more step to be able to knock on the town gates so I could announce myself and someone would be able to escort me home.
I could hear the town guards talk and laugh while I screamed for help but nobody came out. Were they laughing at me or just killing time? I would never know.

Completely drained of energy, covered in blood and chilled to the bone I cried myself to sleep that night.*

*Post journal note added on year 1, day 21 to day 75 of my journal, if only praline's had been available back then!

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Episode 17

I woke up startled at the sound of a horse passing by. Embarrassed as I was I lay still in the grass covered in morning dew. I felt bruised, dirty and most of all humiliated.
When I walked up to the town gate I pondered about sneaking in so I wouldn’t have to announce myself at the town gate. Then I realized the penalty for being caught would be even worse. They might send me to jail like a common thief or put me in the stocks for people to throw their rotten eggs and vegetables at. Better to walk in pretending to be a beggar than as a thief.

I knocked on the town gate, Gilmund the guard let me in. He smirked and asked me, “decided to spend the night out with a friend did you dearie?” He plays with his dagger and throws it an inch from my head. Hilda the other guard intervenes and pulls the knife from the wall. “Let the girl be Gil, looks like she’s been through enough already, wouldn’t want her to start complaining to mayor Cae Indru as well do ya?”
She firmly directs me towards the hospital and I take the hint and quickly walk further into town. When the gate is no longer in sight I ponder what she meant with those words. I shrug it off and head home instead to clean up before anyone else might see me.

After careful inspection my wounds don’t seem too severe so I decide not to bother the master healer with it. I know he’s a busy man and not too often available, so it’s best to let him take care of the citizens who need it the most.

I fried a tasty omelet and felt much better already. After feeding the animals I stopped by the hospital to use some of their tools to clean out my wounds. Even though it wasn’t too severe it never hurts to at least bandage it. Luckily they don’t charge me for that.

Unsure what to do for the rest of the day so I wander around in town a bit. After exploring the market which seemed rather empty I stumble upon the gamblers den. All sorts of games can be played here. The goose run, black jack, lucky udgar, the town games and the town lottery. I had participated several times with the town lottery, but never before with any of the others.
I’ve never had much luck with dice or cards, so I bought a town lottery ticket instead.

A bit broke I headed to the tavern for a drink. After a couple of drinks (ok, maybe more than a couple) from a kind soul in the tavern I confessed about my escapade the previous night.
Several people grinned and told me they had the same experience. Ted gave me the advice to contact Drew for a sleeping bag if I was planning on going out more often. At least I would have a warm place to sleep if I ever had to camp outside of town again.
I felt a little bit better knowing that many famous grail seekers had suffered the same fate and getting myself a sleeping bag certainly sounded like good advice. If only I had the coins to be able to afford that!

After a couple of drinks to drown my sorrows (served by others) I fell asleep in the tavern to be kicked out by the cleaning crew.
When they allowed me back into the tavern a pigeon landed on my shoulder with a heavy bag of coins. The message it contained stated that I had won the Sarmiz Lottery! The bag contained 11 silver and 10 bronze!
I was so happy that I shared several rounds of beer to celebrate this. As usual I lost track of time and I'm unsure how I ever got home.
Needless to say that the bag with coins had lost a lot of weight before I arrived home in a semi delirious state.

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Post by Aglarele Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:50 am

Episode 18

I woke up with a bit of a headache and ate a healthy omelet for breakfast. Feeling a bit better I headed to the ranch to take care of my animals first. As I didn’t quite feel like heading out of town or actually, didn’t feel like facing the town guard again I decided to stay in for a couple of days.
The best way to earn some more coins would be doing some jobs in the labourhal and as I wanted to become an alchemist assisting some master alchemists seemed like a good idea.
Axel Ackland was paying the highest fee so I first helped him by stirring some expert healing potions for him. Once I was done and the potion was finished I continued to help Cae Indru the mayor of the town with a normal healing potion.

Looking at Axel’s alchemy lvl I was surprised he was only working on an expert healing potion. At first I wondered if he just wouldn’t risk outsourcing a more complex potion on the labourhall. Couldn’t risk some untrained alchemist working on it who might spoil it I thought. When I asked Axel about it he laughed and told me the alchemy hut in Sarmiz just wasn’t quite ready to be used for higher quality at its current state. It would need quite some money and work before the alchemy hut had all the necessary upgrades so we would have the right equipment available to be able to prepare grail potions. Not that Sarmiz had a grail alchemist yet… After all, Sarmiz was the youngest city in the grail realm so was going to need quite some hard work before it could even compete with the other towns.
I daydreamed about becoming the very first one, but woke up fairly quickly when I realized neither cae or axel would let me pass them that easily.
I became curious about the other towns and asked him if he ever visited them. He smiled and his eyes lit up when he told me he was born and raised in Spero. He almost made it sound like the streets were paved with gold there and I quickly realized I truly would feel like a beggar there. I thanked him for the chat and headed home.

When I thought back about the conversation with Axel I knew that in Sarmiz people would at least treat me as an semi equal as long as I worked hard I could even do some good while helping the city prosper. In Spero I would just be another weakling who might not live up to the high competition that was going on there. I was glad I choose Sarmiz so I could grow up together with the town. I used to live in a small fishing town before, so Sarmiz was already quite an upgrade from that. After all, in my previous town I would just get burned at the stake for even suggesting to brew a potion to heal someone!

The next day I fed my animals, cooked some omelets and headed to the alchemist hut. Axel was right, it would need a lot of work to be able to upgrade it to grail standards.
I went to the labourhal and offered my services to Cae Indru the Mayor. He gestured me towards the building overseer who lent me some tools for the day. I had barely any experience in this hard labour work so I realized it would take me the rest of the day to finish up. At the end of the day I handed in my tools and got paid a wage of 1 silver and 30 bronze for my hard work. He thanked me for the hard work and told me people in Sarmiz might even look at me a bit more favourable now for the hard work I had done. He winked at me before he turned away to inspect the work I had done.

I knew it was only a small step in the process of upgrading the building to grail standards, but at least I could say I had spend some time to assist with the building I was one day hoping to brew a grail potion in!

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Episode 19

I woke up early after a good night of rest to feed my animals. I quickly ate an omelet for breakfast and got my gear ready to head out of town. The grail lords had issued a new weekly errand of 3 poultry, 3 wood and 3 fish scales which I had managed to collect, so I’d better head off to the Monastery to deliver that.

When I passed the towngate I greeted Hilda and Curtis who were standing guard. Ever courteous Curtis wished me pleasant travels and Hilda warned me to take good care of myself. I was glad to see Gilmund wasn’t around to see me leave, that guy really gives me the creeps sometimes.

After my previous escapade through the high grass it seemed like a much safer route to just travel on the road and a much faster one as well. So I traveled southwards over the road. The sun was shining and the sound of chirping crickets was all around me. In the distance you could hear some birds singing love songs to each other. All seemed very peaceful, just the way I like it!
Just to be sure I was scanning my surroundings and listening to the bird and crickets while walking the road. Everyone knows that as soon as they became silent something would be very wrong.

Suddenly I felt the ground move below me and road was swallowed by a sinkhole. The road to Sarmiz wasn’t very well traveled, but it was newly paved so this was really strange. No matter if I tried to turn left or right, forwards or even back from whence I came, I could not move at all. I had just come from town and had plenty of energy left to travel, no weapon was pointed at me, but I simply couldn’t pull myself up to travel further. I really did not want to be a damsel in distress and be stuck here till nightfall!

Desperate for help I sent my pigeon to Lord Arogandor, the Grail Lord of the realm. After about 10 minutes I noticed something that looked like a minor sandstorm. When it got closer I noticed it was Lord Arogandor galloping to my aid on his white horse! Followed in the far distance by a procession of carts. When he arrived he quickly jumped off his horse and carefully lifted me up to get me out of the sinkhole.
By time he was done several carts had parked next to me packed with dirt and heavy stones.
Lord Arogandor instructed his workers to fix the gap in the road so no others would have to face the same ordeal. In what seemed like only minutes the road had been repaired and the workers took off again.
As quickly as they came, even quicker they left and I was suddenly alone again. Shame, I should have asked for a ride to the Monastery!

I looked around me and I realized that the environment had suddenly became very quiet. A bit nervously I walked on. A couple of steps further I first ran into a lost goblin. I’m not sure who looked more lost, him or me, but luckily he didn’t seem to mind much when I quietly retreated. A few steps further I bumped into a filthy Villain. I cursed softly in despair. Not him again! His dirty face lit up when he noticed me, it was hard to say how he looked like, but those eyes cold as ice and crooked teeth would haunt me forever. Luckily I surprised him just as much as he had surprised me so I managed to outrun him.
When I thought I had endured it all, I ran into a broad boar. Quite annoyed and angry by now I decided to get rid of all that pent up frustration and to attack the broad boar.

After several hits towards him and even more slashes in my direction I realized I could never win this fight. I grumbled at my bad luck and retreated. When I thought I had outrun him, it seems his mate was not far away and she certainly was not pleased to see me. She charged me head on to take revenge for wounding her mate.

Already limping badly from the previous fight I retreated as best as I could to run aka crawl towards the Monastery. What a trip!
The town guard who introduced himself as Cedric frowned at my appearance, but when I announced I was here to complete my weekly errand he let me in. He warned me not to bleed on the grail lords carpet or they would keep me locked up in the hospital for days and then force me to clean up the mess! I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, so I took his warning at heart and visited the hospital first to look for some bandage.

I put bandage on the worst wounds so at least no blood would seep through for a bit and I headed to the grail lords to hand in the errand of 3 Poultry, 3 wood and 3 fish scales. The grail lord thanked me and handed me 3 grail tokens and 1 silver and 50 bronze. He also slipped me some extra spare cash as a reward for completing previous errands.
This was the 3rd weekly errand in 80 days that I had completed so I was pretty proud about that. Especially considering the hardships I had to endure to complete them!

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Episode 20

The next morning I woke up all sour in the Monastery. My wounds from yesterday were only slightly better and I was in no shape to travel back. Not if I had to be ready for combat.

My chickens would need some food though, so unless I wanted to hire Porkard I had no choice. I would be able to afford hiring Porkard, but I wasn’t even close to the silver required for a sleeping bag. If I wanted to approach Drew to get the finest quality in the Grail Realm I’d better save up every bronze coin I could find!

I flexed my muscles and practiced my moves with Bandalf old stick. My body was aching all over and I knew I was in no condition to fight. I was surprised to see his staff had been holding up so well. Not a single scratch to be found on it. I sighed. Unlike its current owner that was. I pondered for a bit if Bandalf could have put some spell on it, that any damage taken to the stick would be transferred to it’s holder instead. Now that would be some curse! I smiled at the thought of the amount of damage someone could do with that.

I shook my head and let go off my daydreams. I had other tasks to do today.
In my bags I found a carefully wrapped omelet that I had prepared at home the day before. It wasn’t as fresh as I would have liked, but it would do. Not like the grail Lord would allow me to cook in their kitchens or in the hotel anyway. I wondered for a bit if it has always been this way.
Could it be that in the past some apprentice cook had nearly burnt down the place? I had heard some rumors about the mystery of the Monastery but there weren’t many people around who had been there in the early days of the grail Realm. It could be fun to try to discover some ancient history about the Grail Realm some time, but at the moment I had other pressing concerns. I realized I was daydreaming again and quickly ate my omelet.

Before I could be tempted to visit the library in the Monastery I headed to the towngate. Cedric the Monastery town guard quickly inspected if I had no open taxes and stepped aside to let me leave. He bade me safe travels and warned me to be careful. He told me I looked like I should be resting in the hospital.
I waved away his concern and told him I would be fine.

It didn’t take long before I realized Cedric had been right. The first hours seemed to go well. No disturbances, no wildlife and most of all no thugs around.
However, at the edge of the forest I tripped on a tree root and tore up my bandage. The smell of blood must have attracted a bear. One who looked way to angry to my liking!
I quickly crawled into the bushes to retreat. This happened to be a red berry bush and the bear stopped the pursuit to eat the very sweet smelling berries. Once the berries were gone the bear seemed to have forgotten all about me and slowly walked away from me. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and considered myself lucky. When I continued walking through the forest I realized what a waste of berries it had been. I could have used those to create a healing potion!

But what’s done is done and at least I’m still alive to tell the tale, so I slowly continued walking on the road through the forest..

Wary I look around to see if I can spot the filthy villain somewhere. Soon I would close in on the spot where I had bumped into the creepy filthy villain on my way to the Monastery. I wondered if he perhaps lives somewhere nearby.
Seems he wasn’t around himself, but he must have asked his little cousin to stand guard instead. Only a few steps past the location where that filthy villain targeted me I get jumped on by a thug! Normally I could handle those, but since I’m already limping and bleeding from several wounds all over my body I had to retreat. Good thing he wasn’t too eager to attack me, or perhaps he was there just to report on my presence.
While backing away from the thug I stumbled into a broad creature that had been sleeping at the edge of the road. The creature got up and I immediately recognised the broad boar that had nearly killed me the day before.

I cursed my luck and backed away even further. More crawling than running I finally managed to reach the Sarmiz town gates again.

The guard who opens the gate grins at me. “Tough day dearie?” He asked.
I shivered and only manage to nod and crawl to the hospital.

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Episode 21

The next morning I woke up in my own bed, slightly disoriented. I wasn’t sure how I had gotten home from the hospital, but at least I made it.

My wounds have only slightly healed, so after I had something to eat I should get back to the hospital. On my way there the town crier announced that the grail lords are requesting seekers to perform a new weekly errand. “Thou shall deliver 3 deadly monkshade, 3 stone and 3 fish. Thou shalt hand in no less and no more, this is their wish!”

I headed home again to search through my bags for these items. Plenty of deadly monkshade, but only 2 fish and one stone. Wasn’t that fish promised to someone? I scratch my head and check my questbook. Good thing I keep all those small pieces of written requests bundled together in one book!
Ah yeah, there is is: the fisherman who lent me his fishing rod wanted me to catch 10 fish for him! Seems he isn’t that much in a hurry considering he already asked me a couple of weeks ago and he hasn’t even tried to remind me once.

I’m too wounded to even consider to go fish some more, so off to the hospital I go. After several hours of instructions from the healers and a lot of practice in taking care of myself, I felt a bit better.
At the end of the day when I had a very little energy left they did allow me to leave the hospital to go home. I was surprised they didn’t lock me up in a room till I was fully cured even though I heard they would only do this to you if you were dragged in unconscious.

Feeling a little better (and stubborn as I was) I headed to the labourhall instead. An alchemist was asking for some assistance with a pig boosting potion.
Sounded easy enough so I helped out a bit by stirring the potion a couple of times.
He sent me off with a single bronze coin as a reward for my effort.
Better than nothing I guess!

Later that evening in the tavern I heard that if pig potions were stirred incorrectly the pig could explode after drinking it! The better quality the potion the less chance it would occur. Makes sense that potions have less negative side effects when brewed by a master, grandmaster or grail brewer. Just like the alchemist hut needed to be advanced enough to be able to create such quality.
But really? Exploding pigs? The thought alone almost made me shake so hard from laughing that Axel had to catch my chair to save me from an embarrassing situation like dropping on my back on the floor.
I pondered if the potion could cause such a gas forming that the pig could become ill from it?

Axel explained that such potions were used to instigate extra growth rate in pigs. The pigs would gain weight much faster than usual and become obese fairly fast so you could slaughter them for even more meat. However, if they held onto their fat too fast their skin wouldn’t be able to handle this and they could explode.
At the end of the evening I still wasn’t 100% sure if they were joking or not, but after several people confirmed they had this happening to them I decided it might be true after all.
I fervently wished that nothing would happen to the pig that had to drink the potion I had helped brewing. Or would multiple pigs get to drink from that same potion? I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t thought to ask about that.

I prayed that if something happened to the pig or pigs that Axel drank too much booze to remember that I had helped brewing it!

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Episode 22
The next morning I visited some ranches to see if there had been any incidents with exploding pigs. I didn’t see anything that looked like it, so I thought it could be good to help out some more at the labourhall. It was good to earn some extra income and sitting passively in the hospital all day just wasn’t for me. Too many sick people there!
To avoid trouble with the nurse (who didn’t bother to introduce herself) I first worked on healing my own wounds, once she was satisfied I headed to the labourhall to work till dawn.
After several days of this schedule I got congratulated on the achievement of being an advanced health Regenerator.
I wondered if I should be proud of this achievement, or strive towards not needing health regeneration so much in the future. The extra grail tokens were nice at least and I was indeed becoming better at it. Needing less energy to heal myself was quite useful!
Once I felt much better I headed to the alchemist hut to offer my services for the upgrade. Some progress had been made, but there was still a long way to go. I didn’t manage to help much, but as the building supervisor told me, every bit of help was very welcome and if everyone did that it would be done soon!
Shame it took so much energy to be able to help out with those upgrades though! It probably didn’t help that I had almost no experience as labourer. Even though this heavy work seemed to be well appreciated in town, I wasn’t sure if the payment and effort was worth it.
Besides, I wanted to become an alchemist, not a labourer!
When I woke up the following morning I found a basket with grapes and iron granted to me by the grail Lords. This made me realize I was still short for the weekly errand. Even though I was thankful for the gift, it was stone and fish I was short on.
I couldn’t work on both at once, so I decided to try to catch some fish first. To ensure I would arrive safely (and wouldn’t have to drop my fish on the way back to escape some bear) I hired a mercenary. He introduced himself as Quintin and seemed eager to head out to prove his worth to me.
At the town gate I was stopped by Hilda the town guard on duty who reminded me I still had open taxes to take care of. I blushed and quickly headed back into town to pay my taxes. It would be bad to get in a fight with her over a debt of just a few bronze coins!
Shortly after we left Sarmiz Quintin already proved himself a good partner. The first angry boar we encountered we slaughtered like it was just a tiny piglet. I almost felt sorry for the creature. Actually I did, the poor thing, not even enough meat on it’s bones to take with me...
Near the shore we encountered another boar, one who was much more angry than the previous one. Or perhaps just more mature. Either way it took us quite a lot of effort and many hits to defeat this boar. I was really glad to have Quintin around!
With only some minor scratches we arrived at the shore. After several relaxing hours at the shore I managed to catch the fish we were looking for.
In a good mood we headed back to Sarmiz and arrived there without any disturbances on the way. Quintin was doing his best to hide how bored he was on the way back by telling me some stories of his previous jobs. It seems you can encounter quite some interesting places while traveling with other seekers! Not quite sure if risking your life on a daily basis would be worth it for only 30 bronze per day though!
At the gate I thanked Quintin for his services and tried to invite him over to the tavern. He waved the offer away and told me he would go enjoy a good evening of rest instead. Tomorrow he would have to be up at sunrise again to offer his services to any other seeker in town that might be interested. What a life, that certainly wouldn’t be for me!
After passing the gate, we split ways. Quintin left behind to chat with Kyle the guard for a bit and I headed home right away.
After a short walk I got home and unloaded my bags.
I had both the fish and deadly monkshades ready for the errand, tomorrow I would look into the stone blocks!

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