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Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills

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Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills Empty Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills

Post by Axel Ackland Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:40 am

This is not an official guide, below I've linked the thread for combat updates that will have more information.

I don't believe I know everything or exactly what is best, but I've been asked enough about what armor or skills to use that I want to have it somewhere to link to.  These are my personal preferences or suggestions to use.  I haven't had a low combat level for a very long time and combat has been altered many times since then, so I can't check and see exactly what is best.  I may be entirely wrong about what is most useful.

Now there are a lot of differences between normal combat and event combat.  By normal combat I mean the foes you fight while traveling on the world map.  This guide is only about normal combat and not special event combat.  What I think is best in normal combat is many times not what I think is best in event combat.

There are 4 factors of combat you'll want to pay attention to and you should change your equipment to improve these.  Here they are along with some of the possibe ways to raise them.
-Initiative...  Raised by the combat skill 'first strike' and by the personal stat speed... also lowered by medium and heavy armor.
-Hitting... Raised by the combat skill 'arms mastery' and by the personal stat agility.
-Damage... Raised by your weapon's damage, by the combat skills of your primary weapon, 'melee', and 'two handed fighting' (if applicable), and by the personal stat strength
-Protection... Raised by your armor and by the personal stat physical resistance.
*Chance to dodge and chance to critical hit are also factors, I would only recommend choosing one to raise, if any.

I do suggest to raise all of these, however, with initiative and protection there is a conflict as armor that is more protective is generally heavier.  I have found it is much better to sacrifice the extra protection in favor of initiative. The protection on your armor is not the protection bonus it will give you, though it is related it doesn't seem to compare with the boost physical resistance gives to protection.  So, I suggest wearing entirely light armor, at least as it is right now.

Here's where its hard to say whats a better option, constant skills (raising one of the 4 factors of combat listed above) or random chance skills.  But I go with the constant skills myself.  These are first strike, arms mastery, melee, your weapon's primary combat skill, and two handed fighing (if applicable).  Because I'm a fan of adding more constant skills, I prefer two handed weapons in normal combat.  But I can't count out the spiked club (a one handed weapon), which gives you a bonus to hit, increasing your hitting.  It may actually be better to use a spiked club depending on your level and the level of oppenents you fight (look at your chance to hit %)

Here's the random chance skills, I recommend at most 2 of these if you're sacrificing two handed skill.  All weapon secondary skills, duel wielding, critical strike, and dodge.

I actually have no idea about shield fighting and have never done it, so I didn't include it in either list.

Alright now for equipment, its the same principal (in my opinion) that you should try to raise the 4 main combat factors.  So I highly recommend wearing light armor and nothing else, so you don't sacrifice your initiative, this is the first thing you should go for.  After that you should go for equipment that raises one of the personal stats speed, agility, and strength, and then ones that raise your primary weapon skill and then other random chance skills (like crit hit).

Remember protection from armor is quite low, I recommend looking at the link I posted at the top of the guide.

Hope this helps

Axel Ackland

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Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills Empty Re: Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills

Post by Gryphon Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:15 am

Thanks Axel Smile

Having a quick reference for which skills to focus on will definetly help when selecting armour.


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Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills Empty Re: Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills

Post by Terrai Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:52 am

Thanks for taking the time to write this Axel.  Definitely helpful.  Good timing too, with everyone choosing event armor in a few days  Smile

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Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills Empty Re: Axel's Guide to Combat Equipment & Skills

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