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Post by Terrai on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:30 am

Greetings to my fellow Grail Seekers,

I thought I would share my perspective as an adventurer who’s still wet-behind-the-ears.  Here are a few thoughts on my TGL first-week experience.

Community - Folks in the tavern have been incredibly helpful, patiently answering my endless questions!  This is the kindest welcome I’ve received in any gaming community.  The approachability of well-established players (all the way up to Aro) definitely stands out too.  Thanks!  Very Happy

Breadth and Depth - In short, there’s so much to do!  I know I’ll never be the finest warrior in the Realm, but I can aspire to own a few cows and sell cheese curds.

Time Commitment - Once I know my way around, I can imagine spending my stamina in ~10 minutes.  The option to be be competitive and still have a life is refreshing.

The Infuriating Itch - Going along with the low time commitment, it’s hard to wait a day for the stamina to reset.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with the model - just my patience (still stuck at 1.00 pirat ).

The Poverty - Starting literally years after other players, the feudal serf feeling is real.  I like the setup for the upcoming event, with a prize for the best fighter who joined The Grail Lords this year.  Any ideas to include/reward new players like that would go a long way.  For better or worse, competition is key the the gaming experience for me.  :win1:

Choosing a Path - The Help Files were excellent, but there’s a lot to learn even after reading them.  I guess there’s no step-by-step guide for a reason: every Seeker can choose a different path.  Still, without the tavern I would’ve been pretty lost.  For example, I had firmly decided to become an archer, until a fellow tavern-dweller kindly informed me that there are no bows in the game yet :-)  

Quests - The intro quests are wonderful in terms of giving direction.  The first couple days I was in full-on sensory overload.  The quests definitely help newbies like me with our stamina dilemmas.  Without them, I would’ve quickly felt like I was aimlessly spending stamina, head-butting a brick wall, so to speak.  Brickwall1:

All in all, I think the challenges as a new player are countered by the community here.  Thanks to everyone for the kind welcome!

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