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Post by Brown on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:14 pm

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I last posted in the forums, but I have still been playing the game on a daily basis keeping to the shadows and making sure everything is working as it should be in Spero!

I know that the Grail Lottery is brand new to the game and this has only been the second chance for it. When the winners were announced it seemed really odd to be that multiple people were able to claim multiple prizes!!!! To me, I feel as if the current system is broken and there should be some system put in place where you can't win multiples on the same lottery. I am not sure exactly how the system picks people either (as in does it go prize by prize and pick someone from the available pool? Or some other way)

To me when the prizes are labeled First prize through Tenth prize that makes me feel that one one person should be able to get one prize without getting another no matter how many tickets you have purchased. In the case of a marathon the same person can't come in both first place and 5th place as the same time which is why I feel people shouldn't be able to win multiple prize places in the lottery. To me it almost creates an unfair advantage as well as the people who have the most money in the game can possibly not always buy more tickets than say a new person. (also I feel like perhaps adding some kind of counter next to the winning persons name could help give estimates of how many tickets people actually buy to see the diversity in the lottery)

I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this issue and see what all of you think and what should be changed or not be changed.

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Grail Lottery Empty Re: Grail Lottery

Post by Lord Arogandor on Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:06 am

There are many possible ways a lottery is organized and prizes are awarded, each with their benefits and disadvantages. We picked this kind of lottery because it does serve our goals best:
- We want to offer everybody a chance on getting some extra Grail Tokens.
- We want to drain some money out of the game.

As mentioned in the help-file, the prizes are picked based on the lottery tickets rather then the person.
This indeed means one person can win multiple prizes. We listed 10 prizes because that made it more easy to see what % is connected to each prize. It is perfectly possible to display the prize winners only once, but add their total amount of tokens won during the lottery. That would mean there were only 8 prizes given this particularly lottery. As this is confusing, we decided to display all 10 winners, even that may show players appear twice in the list.

As this lottery is ticket based, it's perfectly fair that one players has the chance on winning multiple prizes. See it as that the winning tickets are already decided BEFORE the lottery started! In addition, the amount of tickets sold directly influences the prize. This allows us to keep the tickets affordable for everybody and have a balance between what we give as prize and what people are willing to invest in.

If we would decide to make the prizes player related -like in a marathon, where there's only one winner-, then the prizes would be either really little or the ticket prices very high. Neither of that works in the advantage of either the players or game itself. No Seeker however would buy multiply tickets if that wouldn't increase the chance on winning and even if the amount of tickets still would affect your chance on winning, the amount sold would be much less, making the prizes less interesting and so on, failing both of our original set goals.

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