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Dedrick's Story

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Dedrick's Story Empty Dedrick's Story

Post by Guest Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:12 pm

Seemingly from nowhere Dedirck did arrive
and spent his life helping animals thrive
He was not young and he was not old
but to many, his attitude was very cold
His life was empty and so was his home
For in this world he was alone
The only friends the poor creature had
Were fat and dirty and smelled pretty bad
They pooped where they ate and ate where they pooped
and when they were all done it was Dedrick who scooped
The only love he has is for the animals he cares for
and because of that it's him they adore
Some people claim he is magic, sent from above
Like a rain eagle...a dove!
Many claim to hear him mumbling in a foreign tongue
Others claim to see him rolling in dung
But poor Dedrick does neither of the two
What these people say, it is not true
You see, Dedrick is a lonely man
With a short beard and farmer's tan
His life is filled with joy and sadness
not to mention it's filled with madness
Perhaps one day his life will change
Until then, his motives will forever be strange
Unknown and misunderstood
but will always remain good

{Lol fail}

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