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Weekly Town Game Update Empty Weekly Town Game Update

Post by Lord Arogandor on Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:02 pm

As announced before we made some changes concerning the Weekly Town Games. The games are running for a while now and we thought it is time to make some changes that might the competition between towns more interesting!

Weekly Town Game Changes:
- Citizens of the winning town receive now 20 extra stamina on Sunday instead of 20 extra mood.
- No money prize is awarded to the winning Town anymore.
- Grail Nobles add 100 points when they participate with the town game.
- New Game Achievements to obtain (we did a run through all players and gave the corresponding achievement for the previous games played).
- Expanded the game range and related skills from 4 up to 9 different games.
- The town bonus gained after losing is now cumulative and increases with 5% each week, until that town wins.
- Bug fixed when the town games would end in a tie.

We hope that these changes make it worth again to participate on a weekly base, helping your fellow citizens to gain more stamina on Sunday.

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