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Town Hospital Update

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Town Hospital Update Empty Town Hospital Update

Post by Lord Arogandor Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:24 pm

Dear Seekers,

Today we finished an update for the Town Hospital!

+ The first change we made is that you now have a guarantied success on each healing attempt. Healing a wounded Seeker, healing yourself or producing a Healing point for the hospital costs now 10 stamina. Depending on your Wound Treatment Skill or your Regeneration Skill you will have a chance to lower that 10 stamina
(up to 5 stamina).

+ Another important change is that you now need to be fully recovered from your Wounds after you ended up in the Hospital. In addition to this, you now can buy the Healing points available in the Town Hospital for a faster recovery.

+ The Hospital can also be upgraded by the Town. Wood, stone, beds and blankets are requested to start this structure upgrade. Each Hospital level gives the following benefits:
    - Wounded Seekers recover one extra Life-point during the daily reset.
    - The stamina penalty of 50% is lowered with 5% for each Hospital level.
    - The Healing reserve increases with 100 for each Hospital Level.

+ Other Changes:
- Improved layout and improved interface.
- Seekers inactive for more then 2 weeks are no longer displayed in the Town Hospital.
- Your Mercantile Skill lowers the price for the Healing points available in the Town Hospital.
- The Helpfile for the Town Hospital has been adjusted.

Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions.

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