Ad on Town Bulletin Board: Hop Farmer Wanted!

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Ad on Town Bulletin Board: Hop Farmer Wanted!

Post by Keliha Greyson on Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:09 pm

A sheet of paper on the Bulletin Board of Camaar advertises a request for a Hops farmer.

Greetings, I, Keliha Greyson, would like to request a contract with a hops farmer, to purchase their produce at 45 bronze pieces per bag of hops. This will be used to produce beer at the brewery, for sale on the market for 21 bronze per bottle of beer. This is an effort to stock some more beer on the market for reasonable prices for the people of Camaar, as well as generate some more revenue for the populace.

Please contact Keliha Greyson with a letter if interested.

Keliha Greyson

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