Ideas for Tax Evaders!

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Ideas for Tax Evaders!

Post by anto_capone on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:23 am

Thinking in type, sorry:

OK, so tax evaders can disguise themselves to enter towns unnoticed. This is cool, but how easy is it to raise this skill?

On to the good stuff, like DO NOT PASS GO ---> GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL...

So, is being jailed automatic? Some part of me would like if there was an option to Fight! Brawl your way past the town guard gates, and this guard can become an active job taken by citizens perhaps?

Hmm, almost too pvp'ish tho? Smile

Fine, you decide not to fight; or you did but got your butt kicked by the guard(s).

You are now in jail..

There could be some productive things for people to do in jail, to make it an experience all on its own really. Of course, there should also be penalty...

What to do in jail, what to do..

1: Try to escape! but this should be difficult, but it would be awesome
2: Work out, exercise, so that next time you can beat those guards!
3: Read ect
4: Fight with other inmates. This could actually be pretty fun!
5: Work for the town to pay off your debt. Bo-ring but necessary.


How will sentencing be determined? I propose a modest system:

For each 10 bronze of tax owed = 1 hour of Jail sentence as a basic unit. (I originally thought 1 bronze = 1 hour but thought maybe too harsh)

Basic Format:

Under 1 silver = option to do community service. You spend 2 stamina to pay off 1 bronze of debt. This money is generated and goes to the town. So if you owe 1 silver in tax, you can spend 200 stamina and be paid off, and the town gets its money which helps pay for guards a tiny bit..

**You have 7 days to pay off your owed tax, or you become in default and spend 100 hours in jail. Must be paid all at once.**

Over 1 silver = go to jail. Each 10 bronze owed = 1 hour of jail. So if you are 2 silver in debt, expect to spend a night in jail. While in jail, your tax is not paid off however. You can work while in jail to pay off your debt at a rate same as community service (or working for grail lords, perhaps can even make it working for the grail lords, who after being in their service for XX amount of time show favor on you for whats next: early release)


Resist arrest = if you fail to defeat the guards, and are captured; you are found automatically guilty and spend the above maximum time in jail. No debts forgiven.
Plead guilty = you spend 50% of maximum time in jail. your debt is not forgiven.
Plead not guilty = depending on your charisma skill, you have a chance to have your debt completely forgiven. the formula for this should be:

(Charisma skill / 10) + (Town reputation / 1000) + (Luck skill / 10) + 40
Max = 10% from charisma + 10% from Town rep + 10% from luck + 40 = 70% maximum chance to 'win' case.

If you fail to win your case, you are sentenced to maximum time in jail, and a 1 silver charge is applied to your debt for 'court costs'

Modifications while in jail:

Luck: Luck skill / 10 = small chance that while in jail, you may be released early. Daily.
Luck: Luck skill / 100 = smaller chance that the records of your debt are completely lost. Daily.
Mood: Your mood decreases at a much faster rate while in jail.

Just throwing ideas around Razz
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Re: Ideas for Tax Evaders!

Post by Marche on Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:48 am

I tried disguising a few times, but it's a pain to do. You don't have much chance to succeed in the beginning and the skill increase per attempt is very low. Every time you fail, you also lose a great chunk of Town Reputation. Though you might be able to increase it greatly if you forego all town reputation. Not sure if there are any stamina costs involved. Will try that out if Aro doesn't comment on it Razz

Involving fighting into system: Always good for me.
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Re: Ideas for Tax Evaders!

Post by Airy on Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:03 pm

I particularly like the pleading options and random chance idea.

I kinda like the idea that you're fighting the game and not a real person, so there's no heated yelling that will spill out into the forums.

But..what about the person that sits in, I mean his old rocking chair in her..his mansion counting all her, again *looks shifty* I mean his money..and doesnt leave town? No one is going to run from town to town, or want to spend their entire lives out of town..although as an option that would be cool. Have an out of town hermit cottage Razz...omg..that would be awesome. But getting back on track here for a minute, what is the chance of someone getting caught automatically, if they do not leave town to evade tax?


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Re: Ideas for Tax Evaders!

Post by Lord Arogandor on Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:44 pm

Very interesting thoughts Anto!

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Re: Ideas for Tax Evaders!

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