[book]the history of the grail lords

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[book]the history of the grail lords

Post by Dracula on Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:55 pm

In the beginning there was nothing
But somebody created the earth,planted trees on it,and created the wildlife
Then he put grail seekers on it

Well so the religious nutsjobs believe it,anyways after all this happened(or not) 2 towns where formed,Torquilstone in the west ,and Tîrgovişte in the south

Over time the towns became rivals and soon thing started to get out of hand
A war started........

you fall at sleep and start dreaming.......

go to http://thegraillords.forumotion.net/books-of-references-f12/rpwriting-history-the-first-great-war-t52.htm to continue


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