[RP] the comeback of emmelien

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[RP] the comeback of emmelien

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:21 am

emmelien heared voices in the background, not sure what it was, softly she opend her eyes, she looks at the figures who where standing around here.
emmelien didn't knew those faces. softly she spoke

w..herre.. am I ?

emmelien tried to remeber what was happend. she tried, but she just could't figure it out. then as she wanted to stand up, a sister came to her en pushed her back on the bed.

no m'lady you may not come out of bed yet,

emmelien looked at the heavely weighted sister and thought it would be wise not to go in conflict with her. as she lay down, her head started the bounce..
she closed het eyes and fel in a long dreamless sleep.


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