Spring Event Player Encounter Dialogue

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Spring Event Player Encounter Dialogue

Post by Helfdane on Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:11 pm

I'm going to try and post all the special dialogue I see in the event here. Feel free to add to it.

Lady Margarite appreciates your efforts and rewards you with 3 Bronze!
BearsHeart cares, that’s why you gained 4 Bronze!

Robert tells it rains money in Spero and gives you 5 Bronze!

- A magical donkey delivers you 3 Bronze!

d3stRuctiv3 loves you for who you are and gives you 7Bronze!

Kohana gifted you with a kiss and 6 Bronze!

Hadrian tried to hire you for 3 Bronze!

Swamp King offers you a bacon sandwich and 6 Bronze!

4 Bronze is presented to you by the blob!

- You won 3 Bronze in Barbara’s Barbarian Lottery!

SirGyzmo convinces you to take his 3 Bronze!

Drew found 4 Bronze and passes it on to you!

Lord Arogandor passes by in a pink tutu and gives you 4Bronze!

Wailer asked if he could help and gave you 5 Bronze!

Galth gives you 7 Bronze from the treasury of Sarmiz!

Framer Ted drops 5 Bronze while fleeing and screaming in fear!

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