Design a new tool Contest!

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Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Lord Arogandor on Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:43 pm

Dear Seekers,

This month's contest is all about designing a new tool!
That's right, we will add a completely new tool in-game based on your suggestions! So go home and think about what's really missing still in your house-hold!

Try give it your best, as the winner(s) of this contest will not only receive 1 Honour, but also will receive their new Tool in Grail Quality.
The winning tool will be judged based on it's in-game balance, it's originality and it's usefulness in the game.

Please take a moment to read the following contest rules and tool requirements!

The Contest Rules:

- Your suggestion MUST be posted in this forum topic, else they do not count!
- You can only send 1 suggestion, yet you can edit your post as many times you want.
- You can post your suggestion until: 30 June 2017.

The Tool Requirements:

- The tool must have an in-game effect.
- Add a name, construction cost, durability, description and short story
- The tool must be produced in one of the existing workshops (Blacksmith, Carpenter, Alchemist, Tailor or Brewery)

Have a look at our Grail Wikia for inspiration and to see what tools are already in-game.

Lord Arogandor
Lord Arogandor
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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Axel Ackland on Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:11 pm

Name : Hammer.

Construction cost: Made by a blacksmith for a steel oz, piece of wood , and leather strip.

Durability: 500 per quality level I guess.  Idk I think this part should be left for later...  Durability is related to whatever the stamina requirement is for its use, which would be a new thing for a new tool.

Uses:. Required for building fences for ranch spots, maybe some (or all) blacksmith tools, ore melting, making weapons, maybe make a warhammer out of one too. Oh and a portion of town upgrades or buildings might need someone with a hammer to do it.

Description: Been useful since ever

Story: Long ago, people would use their foreheads when they needed to pound something into something else.  Since the hammer's inception, the average IQ has skyrocketted.

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Axel Ackland

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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Aglarele on Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:19 pm

Name : Lute
Construction costs: 10 wood base +5 extra per quality lvl + 1 iron bar + 6 wool strings

(The amount of wood might seem excessive, but it requires a complex crafting process and the lower skill the carpenter the more wood will be wasted to end up with a proper result.)

The strings have to be made as a separate subcombine first, each requiring 1 wool.

Crafted at: The workbench

Durability 1200 x Quality level (Considering you don't fight with it, it should last you for quite some time)
The strings however require replacement sooner. These will last 300x Quality level. (To be included with the repair skill.)

Description: Every quality tavern needs a bard and what would a bard be without a lute?

Use 1 stamina to

Short Story
The Lute helps to calm the animals. This increases your luck while hunting and fishing.
Mermaids love music so may become curious to discover the source of it.

When walking it may ease the animals in not attacking you, but humans will be attracted to the music more often.
Not everyone is meant to become a bard though, so your bad attempts at making music might also scare away the fish and anger those around you to attack.

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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Terrai on Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:33 am

Cool contest idea.  Here's my best shot!

Name: Wooden Bucket

Durability: 250 * Quality Level

Construction Cost: 10 Wood

Unit Cost: 500 * Quality Level (Carpenter Workshop)

Description: Using a bucket will help you gather and move resources.

Milking Cows: +20% chance to gain +2 Milk when you milk a cow.

Gathering Eggs: +20% chance to gather one extra egg when you gather eggs.

Fishing: While in use, you receive a temporary +2 bonus to your fishing skill.

Labourer: While in use, you gain a temporary +2 bonus to your labourer skill.

Can be transformed into an Improvised Helmet.

Story: What can’t you do with a bucket?  Use this item to gather milk, store eggs, keep your fish fresh, and carry stone in the quarry.  If you find yourself in an unexpected fight, you can even put it on your head and hope for the best!

Public Domain Image:

Other Ideas

Ox-hide buckets bound by iron were also widely used in medieval times, so that style could be made using 5 Leather and 1 Iron Bar instead.

Historically, buckets were also used in the mines, but I didn’t want them to be overpowered compared to other items.

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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by kagewandara on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:25 am

Name: Compost Bin

Durability: 1000 x Quality level

Construction Cost: 20 wood + 80 Iron Nails

Unit Cost: 1500 * Quality level (Carpenter)

Uses: Used to fertilise your Fields so you have a better harvest. (5% more harvest * Quality level)
(Usage cost of the bin on the field empties 25% of the bin and costs 20 stamina)

Meals can be thrown away into this Bin (1% fill * Quality level of meal)
Moreso, when eating a meal your leftovers are also put in the bin (0.2% fill * quality level of meal)

An extra option in the Ranch to "clean your Ranch" (costs 5 stamina per slot of your ranch)
this will move the dung from your ranch to the bin. (1% fill per slot of your ranch)

When your Bin is filled 100% it takes a week to decompose and become ready for usage. 

Description: it looks like a crate but hold your breath before you open it!

Story: Instead of throwing it all in the street lets throw it in here! Keep the Realm clean!
Kagewandara was the first Seeker to start this trend which has been picked up by farmers across the realm!


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Dracula on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:02 am

Item cost:
Unit cost:

Ingame effect:

Name: Chisel
Durability: 500 * quality
Item cost: 2 steel ounce, 2 shafts
Unit cost: 400 * quality
Workshop: carpenter (/or blacksmith)

Description: the tool of choice for both carpenters and sculptors
Image: -
Ingame effect:
+1 unit per stamina when working on carpenter projects; takes 1 durability per stamina spent
(potentially) Required to make sculptures


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Helfdane on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:07 am

Name: Journal

Cost: 1 Leather Square, 1 Wood, 2 Wool, 8 Writable Skin. 1,000 Stamina *Quality Level (Tailor Workshop).

Durability: 250 *Quality Level

Description: The Journal gives the Seeker an extra .01 Learning Skill *Quality Level when equipped at reset. Due to the time it takes the Seeker to take notes, the Seeker loses 1 stamina *Quality Level when having the Journal equipped at reset.

Story: The Journal helps the busy Seeker keep track of their experiences during the day. Writing down their lessons helps them learn even faster!

The biggest difference between dating and prostitution is with dating you don't always get what you paid for.

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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by AxineeHearth on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:30 pm

Name: Rope maker's tools

Durability: 500 * Quality Level (Carpenter Workshop)

Construction Cost: 10 Wood, 10 iron nails

Description: Rope maker's tools are used to make rope! The tools will work just like the Cheese curdle, but without the 7 day waiting: Add 8 amount of hemp (new crop type!). Make rope (new Profession: Rope making!) There are two types of rope which can be made: standard rope coil: 200 units. fine rope coil: 400 units. The rope can be made in the Tailor workshop, or there can be added a new Workshop spesifically for making rope (rope making houses are usually loooooong). The rope maker's tools will lose 25 durability for each rope made.

Story: Rope is so versatile, so ubiquitous, that it is incredible it hasn't been introduced before. Here, I simply add the tool to make it. A new crop - hemp - must also be added (George Washington used it, medieval folks used can we!). It will be a very useful crop (more than we can say about potatoes or grapes) Smile  The crop will yield 15-20 hemp before bonuses. This will (almost) guarantee materials for two ropes (8 hemp per rope) with one crop.

(A possible add-on is making yarn out of the hemp. This can be done either in the Alchemist shop (chemical process), or in the Tailor shop. If added to the Tailor workshop, there could be introduced a new tool for making yarn in the Tailor shop, OR an empty barrel or bucket for the Alchemist shop (process and stamina use exactly like making beer. Should be easy to implement). Instead of adding 8 hemp when making rope, we will add 8 yarn instead. Yarn can also be used for other purposes later on. Nettle can be used too if we want!)

What can the ropes be used for?

- Pulleys (Standard rope - reduced stamina cost when delving rocks in the quarry)
- Fishing net (Fine rope - a tightly knit net which doubles the catch...or something)
- Hammock (Fine rope - +18 stamina when spending the night outdoors)
- You name it! Any activity in the realm can probably use a rope! It's easier to answer what a rope CANNOT be used for Smile

Aro could probably throw another contest of designing new tools where the rope is the essential part Wink


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by framer on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:48 pm

Mushroom Culture (Carpenter Workshop)

16 Wood
12 Corn (could also use Kage's compost Razz)
30 Nails
1 Mushroom

Units: 2000 units x quality level
Durability: lasts for 7 + 5 x quality level harvests

Growing mushrooms is similar to other crops (same skills apply), but without a plowing phase.
phase 1: sow 5 units
phase 2-7: wait
phase 8: harvest 5 units

Base= 5-9 mushrooms
+2 x quality level
+1 per 20 points in the Farming skill

Bring some culture to your damp, dark basement!

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Fishing Hook

Post by Garlic on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:50 pm


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by robert on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:06 pm

Name:  Medical kit (May change)
Durability: 1000 *per level
Item cost: 10 Wool, 2 wood, Healing potion of equivalent quality (Or possibly a few herbs)
Unit cost: 2000 *per level
Workshop: Tailor

Description:  The medical kit is a small satchel containing essential medical supplies such as cloth wrapping and small splints which come in handy with ailing anything from cuts and scraps to broken bones.
Ingame effect:  The medical kit would would allow a seeker to regenerate life points when in the wild, but it would require base 25 stamina (scaling down 1 with every 10 points on the regeneration skill) and it would give you 1 life point immediately and 1 life point at reset, to simulate the rest aspect of fixing your wounds in the wild, and to make it less tempting that doing regen in the town.  Additionally, XP gained this way would be halved from xp gained regenerating life points in town.  Additionally, it would allow you to heal other players outside of town.  Since we can find other easier, this would allow people to come out and help heal newer players struggling in the mines, and possibly comes extra in handy when groups function so that groups can have a healer who is able to help keep the group alive.  
all uses cause it to wear at a normal rate, based on stamina spent (Points healed?).

It may in some way help help with healing players normally in the hospital, but only as a small bonus.

Using cloth to wrap wounds has been common for ages, and having a way to regen a few extra points in the wild could be enticing for miners and people training combat from time to time.  Also, as the map expands and the island becomes more integrated into gameplay this would increase in usefulness as traveling from the island to regen is much less tempting than walking back from mines.

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NEW-TOOLS: Lathe / Strung

Post by MOSU on Tue Jun 27, 2017 3:14 am

Lathe / Strung
- raw material: 1.000 iron bars + 500 wood;
- Durability: 10,000 * Q
- Cost 10.000 * Q
Usage: used in carpenter and blacksmitg, it produces all kinds of products from the two workshops. Bonus: 2 ordered products (from the raw material required for 2 products), 3 results - the third product is free.
Only using the lathe can Q6 and Q7 tools be produced.

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Tool Design Contest

Post by gaean on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:38 pm

Name: Fish Trap

Construction cost: 5 Wood, 1 Iron Bars, 2 Leather Squares, 1 Wool

Durability: 300 * Quality Level

Description: A trap used for fishing.  It looks like wooden bottle with an inverted tapered mouth.  The base can be opened to obtained the fish/ sea creature (depends on bait used) caught.

Workshops to produce: Carpenter

Short story:

Now, there me was, sitting by the river-bank, with me fishing rod in hand and waiting for the fish to bite.  Thinking to meself, this is a very slow process.  There must be a better way to catch me supper of fish.

Then me noticed a fish flapping around in the shallows.  It was caught in the shallows due to the branch that fell.  The branch was like a V; one must longer than the other. The branch fell close to the bank.  The fish must have followed the shorter of the V into the shallows, the other side being the bank.  Once it got past the narrow neck formed by the branch and the bank, it was trapped in the shallows and was block by the longer of the V from swimming out to the river.

Then it struck me.  Me could make something similar, from wood and trap fish.  No need to wait by the bank.  Set the fish trap and go me other work.  Come back and just get me fish.

And now you owe me a beer, for telling you that story of how me got the idea for me fish trap.


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Wailer on Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:18 am

Name: Mortar & Pestle

Construction Cost: 5 stone and 1 wood shaft

Workshop: Carpenter.  If Stone Masons were in the game, I would have suggested them.

Durability: 500 per quality level

Description:  Used by alchemist to grind ingredients into powder, to then turn them into potions.

  A wounded and weary grail seeker stumbles into town, after a rough encounter with a thug.  He desperately cries: "Can anyone please help me?  I am injured after encountering a heartless thug on the roads near Spero." 

  An alchemist responds:  "I can provide you with a potion that will cure your wounds and feeling invigorated.  Please follow me to my shop."

  Once they arrive at the small shop, the alchemist begins crafting his concoction, he grabs his mortar and pestle from the shelf and grabs a handful of red berries and starts to mash them into a pulp.  Mixing in a bit of water, the alchemist hands to potion to the weary traveler. 

  The traveler quaffs the potion and instantly feels much better.  He thanks the smiling alchemist and pays a handful of silver in payment for the healing potion.


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Post by Gryphon on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:50 pm

Pillow: +1 mood * level at reset, or +1 regen*level if in hospital

Made at home, requires 1 herb bag + 15 wool, using 10 stamina per level, resulting in a pillow of quality and remaining durability of the used herb bag.  -1 durability at reset, like beds sleeping bags and blankets.  (the herb bag is consumed with making the pillow)  Alternatively can be made in the tailor shop.

Got a lot of wool?  Then make a herb bag into a comfortable pillow!  Sleep better, wake up happier Smile


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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Lord Arogandor on Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:40 am

The contest ended!
Thank you all for the good ideas!

Lord Arogandor
Lord Arogandor
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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

Post by Lord Arogandor on Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:43 am

Dear Seekers,

After much thought and consideration, we finally came to a decision about who will be announced the winners of this tool contest!

All of the suggestions were from outstanding quality and therefor we decided to reward all the participants with an Expert Stamina Potion!

Congratulations to our winners!

- Helfdane with his Journal that affects your learning skill!
- Kagewandara with his Compost Bin making our Realm more green!

Both will receive one honour their new tool in Grail Quality!
(once it has been added into the Realm)

In addition, there are 4 other tools that will be added to the Realm based on the suggestions offered during the contest:
- The Hammer of Axel Ackland, that increases your Blacksmith Skill.
- The Chisel of Dracula, that increases your Carpenting Skill.
- The Mortar & pestle of Wailer, that increases your Alchemy Skill.
- Scissors & Needles, that increases your Alchemy Skill.

Once the tools are added, you all will receive your suggested tool as well!

Thank you all for your participation during this contest and inspiring us with your inspiration!

~Lord Arogandor~

Lord Arogandor
Lord Arogandor
Game Master/Owner

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Re: Design a new tool Contest!

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