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Post by Vollmer on Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:02 am

Not exactly a gamebreaking bug, more like unintended behaviour from the way it's coded.

I ended up in a situation where I had the field less than fully cultivated due to doing other things at the same time.
The next day, I finished cultivating the new field. However, since I was getting real close to the reset and I wanted to read the quest in peace, I decided to be proactive and do some work on the ploughing with the rest of my stamina.
After reset, the Ruined Farmer offers his help, that's fine; I finish the 9 labour points worth of ploughing with his help. He's not satisfied. He checks for if all ten labour points worth of his help have been used instead of if there is a ploughed field.
This forced me to cultivate another field and do the point of ploughing with his help.
Other than that the quest has thus far worked as intended.

I admit, I was sequencebreaking and this wouldn't have happened if I did one quest at a time but well, it's there.

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